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  1. How to auto add local maps embeds en masse?

    There are three parts to this. 1. Get the latitude and longitude numbers you need. Easiest way is to input the address you want to target. You can either get this from Google maps or there are other sites that will give you the info. If you get it from Google you just need to pull the url that Google provides, if you get it from another site you will have to insert it in to a Google url. 2. Match up your list of urls to embed to the articles you want to embed them in so the right locations get added to the correct articles. 3. Add the embed code to the articles and save the results. Getting the info directly from Google would save you from having to insert the lat and long into the Google maps url but not sure how fast you can go when hitting Google maps. You would have to play around with it and see how quickly you would burn through ip addresses. Making sure that the location urls are in the same order as your articles would probably be the trickiest part. Just one miss and all the rest would be wrong, I would probably do it in shorter runs of maybe 50-100 or even lower depending on how many you are doing total at a time so you do not get 1000 of them done and find out the second one skipped a spot and all the rest need to be redone. You could do it 2 different ways when it comes to adding the embeds. You can do it via the admin and just automate all the clicks to get you to the right place or you could export the content and then add the embeds and then upload the changed content into the database. The exporting and importing the content would probably be the best bet. The first step would be to add the same place holding content to all the articles where you want the maps to go and then a second time through adding the actuall map embeds.
  2. Yes but if you want to target more than one geographical area on Craigslist it can be tough to do without some good proxies. If I live in Dallas TX I can post ads all day long but as soon as I try targeting NY or Fl I am going to run into problems without local IPs to use.
  3. What I have been doing is revamping the content of some of my more high traffic pages. When there are mulitple questions being answered on the page I put the one generating the most traffic in the meta description and use it as the first answered question on the page. I then move down the page in a more Q&A format than I have used in the past with the lower generating search terms.
  4. Google increasing snippets length

    Here is some more info on the subject https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11866-what-do-googles-new-longer-snippets-mean-for-seo/
  5. GetResponse is running a 40% off sale https://secure.getresponse.com/pricing/en/?code=BFCM17
  6. Thanks for the heads up, there are a lot of people using this plugin and I am one of them.
  7. I have tried a few different ones and manage wp ended up being the one I went with. Really the best choice
  8. Very true I would rather a business tell me no that is not possible this time than take my money and then screw up the fulfillment end. If you are running an online retail site or any site for that matter do NOT over promise. This is especially around xmas when there is a hard deadline.
  9. Welcome to the forum and yes it is a good place to get help.
  10. High PR Social Bookmarking Lists

    Hmm... Pagerank has been dead for years so interesting that you are seeing it jump. Since the post and thread you replied to is over 5 years old is it any surprise that that there are issues with some or all of the sites listed?
  11. It is something that I have thought about and started looking into but have made the time to actually implement. This article did have some very useful info for doing so which is good. Maybe enough that I finally get it going.
  12. While the PA/DA numbers are not perfect by any means they are a good place to start.
  13. Pretty useful article it is always good to be able to add more link types to your seo arsenal.
  14. Google announced it back in late Dec early Jan that they were going to shut down access which is probably when she heard it. They usually take awhile when they shut down services to give people a chance to move to something else.
  15. Do backlinks lose power over time?

    Matt is correct that as your links age Google assigns them a higher value. There are some factors that can affect this such as the page losing links so it is not as strong a page as it was when you first aquired the link from it. Has something happened to the site the page is on? Has it been penalized or lost a lot of links? Also if your site is being negatively affected by a few links losing power you are not building enough links, your site should neve be at the mercy of just a few links going bad.