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  1. GlenWasHere

    I have a question?

    No... Which just shows that you should be very careful about what advice you listen to when it comes to seo.
  2. GlenWasHere

    Every.Single. Page.

    That is odd I am also using ublock and I am seeing it. I wonder what the difference is?
  3. I have had mixed positive results with press releases. Always had at least some bump so never felt like my money was completely wasted to really good results a couple of times. They seem to work better on sites and businesses where a press release makes sense and there are already a fair number of links going to the site.
  4. GlenWasHere

    Sites testers and speeding up your website

    On and off like autofits suggested so yes.
  5. I found this article today and it has some good ways to speed up your website as well as a small list of useful tools for testing your site. https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/reduce-https-requests/
  6. GlenWasHere

    robots.txt not working?

    You might want to check out this thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11658-blocking-spam-traffic-and-bots/
  7. thanks for the reply. Interesting that the videos are not making a big difference as from all accounts they do help a lot with conversions.
  8. GlenWasHere

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    A link that helps your site rank better or drives direct traffic to your site.
  9. GlenWasHere

    Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    Good stuff in addition to blocking the bots. Definitely going to be useful. Thanks.
  10. I have never seriously thought of using any of the new domains. I just kind of assumed that they would not be treated the same and I have not really had the need. If there is no downside they may be worth thinking about.
  11. That helps quite a bit thanks
  12. What is your ramp up process for tweaking your conversions?
  13. ThanksCamtasia is pretty pricy. I will try Camstudio and if that does not work probably go with snagit for $50