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  1. Anyway to replicate this from a main website description...what does the facebook post/photo have tagged or whatever that is bringing this up like this turkey pic?
  2. googlealchemist

    How to get phone number showing up in organic serps?

    Still trying to figure this out if anyone has the answer...did a fresh search recently and seeing competitors having it show up, in the organic section under their sites. While we don't have it
  3. On a high authority domain, but the profile page is set to <meta name="robots" content="follow, noindex" /> Google isnt going to add it to their live viewable index, but they will still follow it, see the links and give credit for the links on that page correctc? IE still worth doing? Or better off not wasting time and adding it to my blacklist?
  4. googlealchemist

    Snapchat seo benefits?

    90+ DA I can't for the life of me find a way to get a public profile with a bio link or find any other active seo benefit. I see I can share a link with a pic but can't find a permalink to that or the profile it goes out under...I see they only stay live for 24hrs and that could be why? Are there any seo benefits to using snapchat and if so, what? Thanks
  5. I set catagories to noindex/follow in yoast to prevent duplicate content issues. That said...a silo structure setup recommended by GOY quite some time ago that I've kept in my files and implemented sometimes is linking from the homepage that has most of the power to each main target page...makes sense, I do this every time. But he also recommended linking to each catagory from the homepage. To send the spyders/PR (or DA/TF/Whatever these days)...link juice...flowing thru the site in the best way possible. The supporting posts in those catagories linking back up to the main pages etc But my confusion, even after all this time...if my cats are set to no index but still followed, does that make sense to use them in any sort of onsite linking structure?
  6. I recently started testing this for a local business, studies or not I can't believe that Google isn't paying attention and rewarding this at least a little bit. And more than that, they help you stand out from the comp...and help stimulate some more direct traffic/sales that you otherwise might not have gotten. Easy roi imo
  7. I understand how the ny based guy is ranking for ny seo type stuff, his physical addy is in ny. But how is he ranking for things like houston seo with no houston physical address verified there, its the same ny addy and even the ny landing page not even a local houston landing page!? I notice the other guys for this term are also either in ny or philly wtf? And I thought google was by default putting local maps above any organic listings anymore no matter what so I'm not sure how I'm seeing organic listings above the maps either. There doesnt seem to be any special onpage being done that I can see, is it just super powerful authority of the domains or whats going on here?
  8. googlealchemist

    How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    Typical run around " my main issue was regarding ssl I talked to someone here recently and they tried to charge me to activate ssl for my sites. But I have talked to a friend of mine that runs his own hosting company and he told me this "It needs to be activated in the cPanel WHM, it is not something you can do from the domain cPanel. Contact your hosting company and see if they will activate it. If they try and charge you extra I would look for a new hosting company because there is ZERO cost for them other than activating it which is something they should already be doing. It only takes 2-3 clicks in the WMH to activate AutoSSL by default on all the domains so there is no reason for a hosting company not to offer it or charge for it. https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/66Docs/Manage+AutoSSL " G I apologize about that. As per checking, you have a Shared Baby package. Unfiortunately, there is no free SSL included on your hosting package. The free SSL was only included in the Shared Business package. J ok but can you explain why not considering there is no extra cost for hostgator? or at least pass this on to a manager to let them know more ppl are aware of this and getting pissed?"
  9. googlealchemist

    How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    I'm back on a support live chat waiting for the hostgator agent now...they told me before I had to pay for ssl which is why I was looking for this thread again...gonna give them the link and info richard provided and see what they say I'm looking on the hg site now and it says "HostGator is pleased to offer Comodo's Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificate, which makes it possible to secure up to 210 domains with a single certificate" Is using the same ssl cert for multiple domains something google can read and tie all my sites together with footprint wise? It's looking like 40 - 270 per domain per year depending on what kind of ssl ! I have free versions on all my domains now that are hosted with terry's wpx hosting, which is what I'm now putting all my main money sites on. I'm not sure what the difference is between these and those of if hg and others are just trying to scam a buck for nothing/ignorance.
  10. Not sure what the issue here...I have the geositemap uploaded for local seo purposes so don't want to lose that. Nor do I want to lose my main xml sitemap from yoast...
  11. It's been a few days and I'm getting no response over at the wordpress support forum so I'm hoping a fellow geek can help me out here...copy/paste from there to here, thanks all. I’m having issues getting the format of my pages right, seems I can’t get it right on both desktop or mobile and sometimes it’s just messed up on both. In the code I see these ; which I googled and read about as a ‘hard fixed space’ but I still can’t figure out why they show up and how to use them right. It seems to either have things all jumbled up and looking awful or there is a huge gap of space. I took screenshots from my mobile device as well as my desktop of the differen screens as well as some of the wordpress page code for anyone willing to help troubleshoot and uploaded them to a dropbox folder here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e31uic5nfk7mgxq/AABP2bfaKuKgPT9Ae5pf06Noa?dl=0 Thanks The page I need help with: https://www.edithscatering.com/ there is a screenshot in the image folder showing the menu area…no matter what I do to add a menu , on mobile the menu icon shows up but nothing happens when I click on it to show my nav to pages
  12. googlealchemist

    Free SSL thread?

    i tried searching the forum but cant find it. richard u had posted recently about how/why hosts should not charge you to enable free ssl, can u link to that so i can give it to hostgator and other hosts? thanks
  13. googlealchemist

    Some SSL questions

    wpx support referred me to a plugin that , hopefully, manages all of this stuff properly seo wise? the really simple ssl plugin
  14. I just noticed this happening for the first time. I have a contact page on one of my main sites and copy/pasted my twitter profile url and youtube channel url on there just as straight urls, linked to themselves. The twitter profile url expanded into a big visual widget showing the last x number of tweets on the page, which I don't want...I just want the profile link there straight. Same goes for youtube, though it's not doing it consistently which is even weirder...it's expanding into a visual widget showing a bunch of my videos like I had embedded a playlist... How do I turn this off?
  15. googlealchemist

    Some SSL questions

    I'm using terry's wpx hosting for my main moneysites these days and see they have a free/easy ssl setup for all domains...I've never done it before...a ticket into support should be easy enough, but also wanted to ask a few questions here i would like to add ssl to all of my sites for the trust factor and the google ranking benefits..how does this affect site structure and how i backlink my site? does it 301 redirect the http://www.domain.com/ version to the new https://www.domain.com/ version and do I start using the s version for the url that i backlink to from now on? How does that affect previous links built to the regular version? I guess the best thing to do is have ssl added right from the very start for any/all new domains...but I have plenty of existing ones that I need to sort out here now. Thanks I did see this related post but was unsure if this was the best way to go about this https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11721-how-to-install-https-on-my-wordpress-blog/page-3#entry115240