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  1. Press Release ?

    I agree, I think press releases are still effective especially with the the new co-citation value being put in place by Google. As co-citation becomes more of a mainstream term, press releases will still continue to provide value.
  2. What Is Currently Working For SEO Agencies?

    It is kinda different for each SEO company. There are legit ones but normally they cost a lot and you wouldn't know they are good at their job right away because it does take time for any SEO campaigns to succeed.
  3. Which social sites helps you more ?

    Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These big three helped me a lot in terms of unique visits and customer engagement
  4. Your favorite Social Network

    Social Media is mentioned and BOOM i think about Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Google plus may seem a bit new to the game and some are baffled on how they can harness G+, it is however becoming undeniably powerful in search results.
  5. Best source of traffic

    It should be a a good mix of social media, blog commenting, joining forums or communities, and yes make friends. Never lose the important aspect that you have to always connect and keep in touch with your visitors and fellow bloggers/website owners.
  6. What with Google's recent move on MyBlogGuest, it might be good to have second thoughts about joining blog networks. Although Matt Cutts did say Google just penalizes guest blogging for SEO purposes, right now it is very thin ice.
  7. In my opinion, all backlinks will work, that's the reason why Google has been very strict with the links. So tiered link building does work however be very careful not to leave footprints and make sure that they appear as natural links.
  8. Can we use links in our article content?

    Yes you can. However, it depends on the number of words you have in your article. Try to lessen them so they do not look like a spammy article and use a variety of anchor text. My advice, use 2 links in a 300-500 word article.
  9. You mentioned it is a new site so that might be another factor why your site is getting few unique visits. Try to have more high PR backlinks to your website.
  10. Yes that's true. Site indexing is good for your site, but if you want to be on the first or second page of Google you need to build backlinks to your webpage. Try to do some onpage SEO on your website/page. Make the title tags, description as engaging as possible and with keywords. Submit the page to social media sites, get many G+ likes and of course natural backlinks.
  11. What have Google done now..

    Oh link is dead, I was wondering if you still have that content up? I am very interested to read that article.
  12. I think its hard to find a good well written content for $3 nowadays. Every businessman, SEO professionals, marketers are on the lookout for good content writers and simply doesn't have the time to proofread and edit each 300 word article. Going for those writers that can really put out great content will eventually be a better investment.
  13. Great article! I do share your viewpoint on Facebook's marketing is better when you use it to engage your customers and not just another avenue for marketing. Think as a customer and build your efforts on that idea.
  14. Social Media Tools that are Free

    I recommend Hootsuite. If you also have the option to go PRO. The free version is already a package wherein you can monitor all your social media accounts as well a very user friendly interface.
  15. Nice Share Jim! The reason why story telling is very effective for readers and consumers is because its people can relate to it on a personal level. Marketing is easy once you understand what your consumers or visitors would like to know and delivering your content based on that information.