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  1. Yes, I said that. I usually buy a lot of unique & original content blog post, web 2 properties, have done many blog rolls and other type of links ... why not just let me start getting the links first and then we will see how they work out
  2. Not exactly sure what you mean by this but I can assure you that I know how to build links I've been doing this for 5 years so I have the experience in link building. But thanks for the heads up anyway
  3. Yes, I know all about exact/broad. I already said they are exact. It is well known gaming franchise, millions of copies sold world wide so no worries about the data being correct. Regarding the progress, well, I am still waiting for content. So far: Expenses: $23.17 Revenue: $0 Profit: -$23.17
  4. Ok, hostgator said to comply or they will take the offending sites down? If I was you, I would just ignore it. These sites are deindexed anyway ... so they are useless ... hostgator might take them down so you have not to worry about it ... or maybe I am wrong? Regarding people desperately trying to get rid of such links - they either hired person to buy links (build links naturally who, in fact, did not do that) or bought links themselves which is in violation to Google's natural link building or wahtever it is called. So it is their problem in the first place. I myself get a lot of email from site owners saying like "Your site is penalised and will be as long as you link to a penalised site (assuming their site got penalised). I get many of the every day and I just ignore them. Perhaps that is not a nice thing to do but then again, I have no time to remove links.
  5. Believe me or not, there are people who would pay this much and since they have lots of sites in their network, they buy in bulk. You can, of course, do bulk discounts and what not ... besides, real poker/casino sites (the ones where you can play for real money) pay huge money for marketing and they buy quality links for lots of money. I had once sold a link on PR2 site that wasn't even poker/gambling related for $800/year and we did this for 2 years ... for a simple homepage link
  6. Hello there! We all know that there are niches that have lots of money there like insurance, health and what not but these are extremely competitive. I've been, however, in a bit less competitive niche for a few years now and that is video gaming or just gaming niche. No, this is not poker or casino related stuff. I have many sites in this niche. In this live case study, I am going to use a brand new site that I just created today! In fact, I just bought domain name and not yet installed Word Press. Site will be a "fan site" about well known franchise. It has 3 games and many DLCs. My monetisation method is like CPA except I won't work for CPA, I will send traffic to a browser game where developers will pay me for each player I sign up. US player is worth $1.75, Denmark and Norway players - $1.7 each, UK - $1.4 and so on ... there are many countries that are worth more than $0.1 per player. The east I will get per player is 1 cent. That is why I love working for them instead of CPA - bigger payment and they accept any country ... even if they pay me 1 cent lol. That browser game is very similar to the game I am going to create a fan site about. I might add other monetisation methods if I find any ... OK, my goal is to make $100/day from this site alone within 3-4 months. Lets see if that is possible There are 100's of keywords to rank for but I am going to focus on 9 keywords and add more keywords as we go along ... Here are Google EKT (External Keyword Tool) searches (exact match): Keyword 1: 368K Keyword 2: 165K Keyword 3: 1000K (yup, 1 million) Keyword 4: 12.1K Keyword 5: 28 Keyword 6: 27.1K Keyword 7: 140 Keyword 8: 60.5K Keyword 9: 46 I am not checking SERP IQ because I don't give a damn. It's probably low anyway So, this is perfect because game is really related to the site and people don't have to buy anything ... just try the game out and register if they like. No downloads, nothing ... I hope to make much more money than $100/day from this site but lets focus on making even $50/dy first (although goal is $100/day) I will be outsourcing everything because I have no time for writing dozens of articles and building links. What I will do is order articles from iwriter.com and just buy link packages. Today's task is to install and configure the wordpress - add custom header/background and what not and then I will start posting a few articles tomorrow. I really hope I will have some article by tomorrow I will start building linsk next week. All comments are welcome. Thanks! P.S. So far: Expenses: $8.17 Revenue: $0 Profit: -$8.17
  7. Hey, here is what I would do: I would sell blog posts and here are the prices I would sell them for: PR1-PR3 - $15/post PR4 - $20/post PR5 - $30/post You would need to write articles as well. You could do that yourself or go to iwriter.com or something where they write 300 words articles for $2 and $3 for 500 words. I would suggest to use 500 words articles and do 1 link per post. If you sell say 10 posts per week on each site, it would make pretty decent money - by my calculation, you'd make $4,800/week lol. Of course, don't expect to start selling like this in the beginning and keep building links for your network so link juice is getting stronger and stronger over time and perhaps those PR1-PR3 sites become PR4 and even PR5 Good luck with your business
  8. Well, I'd like to keep my sites for myself. Thing is, Google don't like footer or sidebar links unless they are really good quality and related to the site links are placed on. When I buy a lot of them, it starts ranking like crazy but it does not take long before Google realises what I do so Google kinda starts dropping my site(s) so there is no point in renewing. That's why I don't renew them. Some of webmasters also forget to remove my link(s) so some of them stick for some longer time.
  9. I don't like to buy long term links because they can be removed much sooner than it actually is supposed to be removed. You can also face deindexation of site that you rent the link on which, in my opinion, is far worse than just getting link removed. You can buy blog posts instead of links if you want long term but if your budget is say $200 for 1 campaign than you can rarely get 20 proper blog posts on PR3+ blogs. That's why I rather buy lots of sidebar links for 3 months so I get quick high rankings and I make money before it sinks for good because when they do sink, it is hard to get it up again so then I just focus on a new site. My niches are nothing like pharma lol. I focus on software, tech and gaming niches.
  10. I buy footers and sidebars quite often. They get excellent results but what I hate about is that you pay monthly or yearly prices so, for me, when it comes to renewing links I usually don't renew them. I usually get for 3 months and then my sites rank in top 3 and when I decide not to renew links, sites go down in the SERPs but that's fine because I usually make pretty ROI before they drop
  11. Hi, it's been 1 month. How is it going?