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  1. This is what I usually do, on the Inbound Links tab, set the setting to Show 'Only Follow' from 'Only External' pages to 'pages on this root domain'. You will then get their top DoFollow backlinks from different pages. I would then go through each link and see the 'stickiness' of that link and if the link has much value at all (i.e. PR).
  2. Why not do this instead, go to reddit's for hire section, post a thread saying that you'll pay university students to post on the university's blog/sub-domain. IF they have their own blog on the university's site, pay even more. Might cost you $5 to $15 a pop. Worth the money though. And it's quick too.
  3. Dude, I am never able to get backlinks

    Movies niche is pretty dang hard. You might wanna check Matt's zero link building traffic generation experiment. http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/experiments/google-webmaster-guidelines-experiment/ What the does, in a nutshell, post something on his blog; set up an alert for that topic; go to forums, Q&A sites, social media, etc. and answer their questions, while at the same time directing those people to your site. EDIT: Basically, go where your traffic/target market "hang out". Creating quality content is not enough, you MUST promote it.
  4. Hey guys - Looking for some feedback

    You did take this discussion up a notch. My apology, I didn't know you were pointing out the spelling on the website. I thought you were generaliZing, "realize is spelled with a "Z""
  5. Adam, are you sure you didn't get their automatic replies?
  6. Hey guys - Looking for some feedback

    Well, that might be the case in US, but in other English speaking countries (UK, Australia, etc.), we spell it this way; R - E - A - L - I - S - E
  7. Ranking without the need for links

    Are you referring to "pages" or "sites". If you're talking about "pages", they might be ranking because they get enough link juice from other pages within the website (inner-linking)
  8. SEO Nugget Thread

    This might not be as spectacular as giving out scholarships, but here’s how I reverse engineer my competitor’s guest posts or any guest posts opportunity in general. And no, this is not one of those write for us + “keyword†thingy, though we will be using Google. This can be done if you already have a few of your competitors’ guest posts. First method, open up a few of your competitor’s guest posts and find a few common footprints in the resource or author box. For example, I found my competitor’s guest blogger likes to use her name + writer +blogger. Here’s what I did: I know there might be a few hundred duplicate results/sites in there, but it’s worth it. Second method, you know how guest blogger likes to use the same image for their author bio profile? Ouhh yeahh, another footprint babyyyy. Go to Google image search. Here’s what I did: Not too many, but not bad either.
  9. Have you checked your other keywords? Did they drop?
  10. Backlinks and Ahefs

    OpenSiteExplorer does that. A few days ago, I had posted a guest post, less than 1 hour later, the data was available on the "Just Discovered" links. Maybe it's a one off thing, but it's worth mentioning.