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  1. Max number of outbound links on PBN's

    Thanks to all those that replied to my post. My own opinion is that eventually Google is almost certain to find a way to better detect and punish PBN's as they have with most SEO tactics. So I also wonder how best to avoid detection. All my PBN blogs are "real sites" that actually sell something, they have a shopping cart, a video, links to high authority sites and a relatively low number of links to (my) money sites that are all in the same type of niche.
  2. Would anyone care to recommend the max number of outbound links to have on each Blog (aged domain) ? For safety, I try and have a max of 15 but I unsure if that is too many or too few?
  3. Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    We do not want to send ANY email from the hosting accounts. The questions is about trying to find A Class Hosting - its not a question about sending email.
  4. Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    As I said in the orginal post we do NOT send bulk email. We want out money sites on different IPs and need a decent hosting company.
  5. Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    We are looking for A Class Hosting for approx 20 money sites. We need reliable hosting but as an email marketing company (that does not send spam ) we are finding it increasing difficult to find hosting companies that will accept us. I understand that this is also becoming an issue with SEO services.
  6. Can anyone recommend a reliable SEO content writing service? That is, writers of original and copyscape passed content rather than spun content?
  7. When evaluating your Money Site we constantly hear that Google values “Social indicators†such as Facebook, G+1 etc. Would it make sense to drive traffic to your Facebook and G+1 page – in a way that visitors would be strongly encouraged to follow links on that Facebook/G+1 page to your Money Site ? Alternatively, is it worth getting an outsourcing service to manufacture traffic to your website VIA your Facebook and G+1 pages - so it looks like you are getting a lot of visitors to your Money Site from your Face Book or G+1 page? Also, would it make sense to build high quality relevant backlinks to your Facebook and/or G+1 page ? Is this what Google means when its implies it values Social ? Or am I missing the point? If so, how DO you use your Facebook and G+1 pages to help rank your Money Site.?
  8. Has anyone had any success using this tool to restore the ranking of a site that had bad links pointing to it?
  9. Looks useful to throw competitors off the scent but I use Majectic and Ahrefs myself to see who is linking to my sites. So if I use Spider Spanker, I then will not be able to check? Is there any way around that?
  10. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    There will be many on this forum that would like to know if your still ranking in a few weeks. Pretty sure the penalty will get passed on to your new domain but please keep us updated.
  11. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    For me, understanding the Pengiun update is simple.! I have 30 sites, all within the same but very broad niche, all with the same type of structure, all with the same WP theme, all with 500 words hand written content, facebook and G+1 links, and all with a video. 15 of my sites have moved up slightly to high positions on Google page 1 11 have been seriously downgraded from Page 1 to Page 3 downwards. 4 no effect. ALL the sites that were effected had tiered links and/ or Web 2.0 with spun content, ALL the sites that moved up had NO Tiered Links and NO Web 2.0 links - just fairly legit HPBL's from my own network that (might) pass a visual inspection. NO other links. While On Page Optimization can always be improved I do not believe its a factor in this update. Also, I do not, in my case, see Anchor text variation playing a role although as an aside I do believe KW anchor text links are NOT worth the risk. Better to stick with bare urls etc and make sure on page optimization is done right.
  12. Would anyone care to recommend the best tool or service to identify toxic backlinks. ?
  13. Has anyone tried linkquidator.com ? Claims to remove bad links but does it work or is it a waste of time and money?
  14. Can anyone advise what is the best (paid) tool to check Google serps for various keyword phrases?. I dont mind paying and currently use RankChecker which seems unreliable. Also tried SEMrush but the results seem to be out of date?
  15. Paypal Manual Payment Verification

    Is there a service out there that will manually verify Paypal payments made to Paypal Merchants.? We sell digital products and a high percentage of sales are attempted fraud. We catch most it using tools like MinFraud from Maxmind, IP look Up , Telephone Verification etc but it’s a pain as we sell 24/7/365 but we don’t work 24/7/365. I realize that such a service would only be doing what Paypal should be doing in the first place but does such a service exist?