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  1. No idea. This is generally hard to test even if I wanted to. I guess you could ask them if they have such stats?
  2. Spyglass used to be my favorite tool when YSE was still around. Now I use a combination of ahrefs and spyglass basically for the same reasons as Richard, to get metrics and to sort out dead links. Spyglass started to get data from a new index not long ago, but so far I can't say it finds more links than ahrefs.
  3. makeakilling

    Encrypted Search!

    You can still optimize for popular keywords and track rankings for them. Rank Trackers are only relatively accurate, because personalization is pretty intense today, plus people are searching from lots of devices. And maybe this is not such a bad thing - at least you don't put all your eggs in one basket. What sucks the most is that you don't know conversions. But! You can find out if you try these keywords for AdWords (more or less). Besides, you can see the search terms you showed up for on Google in Google webmaster tools, and how many clicks you got. It's not everything, but it's better than nothing.
  4. Thanks, Backlinko. Yeah, it's a relatively new site. I guess I'll just go ahead and disavow. .
  5. It looks like someone is trying to get one of my sites by spamming it with overoptimized links... I guess I should just disavow their domain. Has anyone had success with that? What other measures would you recommend taking? Thanks tons.
  6. Traffic not converting = your site is a magnet for the wrong kind of traffic. "blogger templates" sounds too broad, anyone could be coming via this keyword. "Professional blog themes" could be more telling, just saying. I'd try to discover some better keywords and rank for them.
  7. makeakilling

    Black Friday - What's everyone getting?

    Hey, Initial Effort, you should include a poll with popular answers @Scipio, you might be able to get a deal here http://www.link-assistant.com/black-friday/
  8. I think if you start with a new tool, you better keep it simple. It would be hard to improve majestic or ahrefs, cause you'd need to either buy API or gather your own data, which increases the cost. But you could build something simple. How about an author rank checker?
  9. I own a Rank Tracker pro from Powersuite, and I think it's terribly underpriced.
  10. Maybe it was Penguin after all. I did a quick check with SEO Spyglass and it showed 1500+ backlinks. Only 2 of them are from search engine journal, but about 700 of them are from forum.dailymobile.net, and the once I checked were still live. Overall, does look like a fishy backlink profile to me, it may be that the site has bad history which could be affecting its rank. As for Google authorship, wasn't there some known bug about it? If the testing tool says it's set up, then there may be 2 reasons why it's not showing up in the SERPs: Google doesn't think it's necessary to display it on that site or it's because of the bug.
  11. SEOHelpz probably means that, if the same information was presented in the text format, it would be harder to digest or would not be as appealing.
  12. I've been seing the bright yellow labels as well. A much fairer move, imho, since the previous marking was practically invisible on my computer.
  13. Wow, nice study. And the moral of the story is... there's no such thing as free cheap lunch
  14. makeakilling

    How to Reduce Site Load Time by 75%

    Good one, Lewis. Image optimization is terribly overlooked by many, myself included! I guess most people think that, OK, we've optimized JavaScripts, requests, caching, and now we don't have to worry about anything. I mean, reall, how many of you thoroughly optimize every new image you upload to a blog?
  15. Jay, from what I know, YouTube doens't let you stick a link into the video unless you are a partner? Othersiwe, I totally agree. I think it's an opportunity to grasp before it becomes flooded with competitors (the way it happened to SEO) By the waym love the screensaver , he he