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  1. Donating to legit nonprofit organization. many of them will give you a link back as endorsement Benefits of donating.... Donating is good for your company’s brand. It’s a great topic to blog about and shows your audience that you are giving back. It is also a great topic for a press release. Get an endorsement to your website, Donations are tax deductible.
  2. zigi

    Top Ranking Factors

    Most of your list is consisting on backlink as it should. a good and diversified backlink portfolio is a major factor. Getting good legit backlinks is not as hard as one might think.
  3. zigi

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    Donating to legit nonprofit organization. many of them will give you a link back as endorsement this nonprofit is a great example of a good place to get a legit link back to your site. https://energimeuniversity.org/donations-sponsors-endorsements-and-projects-information/
  4. Hey Joe, got 2 question for you... 1. can i use the bonus link to point to the press release 2. how may links (from the same domain) can i use in 1 order? Thanks
  5. Got a few questions.... 1. is the promotion still on? 2. is the promotion a one time deal? or can i lock it if if i subscribe to this service? 3. can you please send me some samples? Thanks
  6. zigi


    not sure what do you mean by "more automated way of building tiers?" it's a spinner not a link builder. so for tier 1 building it will generate good enough content. but i will not use it on my money site.
  7. zigi


    I used AI it before. the results are good. the only thing i didn't like was the price tag. Its the most expensive Spinner I've seen. p.s. don't be fooled into thinking that its the most expensive because its the best spinner out there
  8. @Brett Phillips are you still active in this forum?