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  1. how to get second facebook account

    Websites can get a huge amount of information about your computer if you do not take actions to block them. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep from leaking info and getting tracked everywhere you go
  2. Have you done any link building? Have you added it to Google's web master tools? While the bots usually find new sites it is always a good idea to give them some help
  3. I am assuming you are talking about sites that already have a strong numbers already. Even with that you should build links to them for two reasons. First all sites slowly leak links so if you do not build any the sites will slowly become weaker and who wants that. Second you want to build the relevance of your links so you want to add links that are related to the niche of the site that your pbn links are pointing towards.
  4. Rand leaving MOZ

    Glad to see it looks like he is not being pushed out as that would surely not be pretty. Nothing wrong with wanting to work a bit less if you want to do so and can afford it.
  5. I agree communication is the key and I find it terribly lacking across the board. I have no idea how many times people just completely drop the ball when it comes to keeping me in the loop like they are supposed to do. Very irritating to say the least.
  6. Both funny and sad that it took you wanting him to sign a paper saying he was an idiot to actually realized that yes maybe he was an idiot. Is that what you thought would happen?
  7. I go with as close as possible without disturbing the sales and checkout flow for the site. You want to be able to access the blog easily from the store and you want to use the blog to link to the site products as much as you can work it into the content without looking questionable.
  8. While I give them more weight than Richard does they are after all produced by a non-Google company. I think they spend a lot or resources to match what they think Google wants and how the algorithms treat pages and sites so while not perfect are about as good as we are going to get short of Google giving out more information.
  9. Ye it happens and I know a couple of people that have been burned pretty badly so doing a search to make sure the company is not showing up for screwing over their affiliates is something you really should do.
  10. Probably some combination. Keep in mind even before mobile was really a thing it would take most buyers more than one visit to actually pull the trigger on buying.
  11. Not really as there are other actions other than buying that you should look at. Have they even opened up your emails? Clicked on any links? Signed up for any additional information? Buying is not the only interaction you should track.
  12. Not sure the exact percentage but less than 10% for sure and probably closer to 5%
  13. I have trouble seeing how this goes over well. Google is already dealing with anti trust issue over in the EU and this will make it worse I am sure. At some point the company lawyers are going to get involved and tell the tech dudes that this is a bad idea.
  14. I did not realize it was that high overall but we have been working images on ecommerce sites for quite awhile now for the extra traffic. The niche makes a difference but one of the sites I work on is a collectibles site (think cards, toy cars, etc) and more than half of the traffic comes from ranking images.