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  1. pointSEOshot

    Is Adding Business to Wikipedia Reasonable Request?

    On the other hand, company's competitors are on Wikipedia. I don't know how they got on it but manager noticed this and wanted me to bring out client on Wikipedia as well because if they can be on Wikipedia, why can't we? We are competing in the same space after all.
  2. pointSEOshot

    Is Adding Business to Wikipedia Reasonable Request?

    Is it too hard for beginner SEO or senior SEO as well? Can you describe your experience with it? Are you working in SEO agency and how many years of experience do you have?
  3. Hello, I work in SEO company as entry level SEO and working with a client of physical goods company. I was asked by my manager to make Wikipedia page dedicated to that physical goods company. My question is how reasonable such a request is for someone who is an entry SEO? Is it something that is a project in itself and must be handled by senior SEO? Also, since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and heavily moderated website I am not sure of how long the page will stay there after being successfully created. Is such a request legit in itself?
  4. @sudorank What do you mean they tend to discount anything new? Neglect? With social media they will have to hire social manager to manage their social presence. Maybe it's something they don't want to pay extra for?
  5. Our local UK client specializes in home renovations. The boss says social media is not worth the efforts, direct want articles submission, lesser directories submission, PR submission is too pricey, doesn't want promotion on sites like Squidoo, HubPages. Website is already in popular directories like Yell and Yelp, on Google and Bing maps. Yet main pages we try to rank are between 50 and 60 positions and don't move. What can be done to bring those to page 2 at least if not 1?
  6. How much can you really do on-page? Repeating again and again? It's not linkbuilding. You will just get penalized for on-page over-optimization for this. You just talked about repeating and now you say building carefully? Can you clarify about forms?
  7. This is what I mean guys: Here's slider: http://www.slideshare.net/audette/seo-for-ecommerce-a-comprehensive-guide/
  8. I have 2 pages identical but with different URLs and client does not want to remove any of them. How does canonical tag help me in this case? Or what is the solution in this case? Thanks.
  9. Good day. I read somewhere that you can instruct search engines to not index webpage but still keep its URL in SERPs. Is this true and legit? Somehow make it crawl but not index and still keep URL in SERPs. I remember it has to do with robots.txt file modification Thanks.
  10. Where are you located SEWarrior? Do you use private networks for offsite client SEO?
  11. Thanks Richard. But what if there is existing sitemap.xml file pointing to that page?
  12. For example using WordPress we have: domain.com/category/page and it being linked from sitewide menu. We decided to change URL pointing to that page to different page. Now after editing that different page, we decided to put it in draft so it is not visible to users and search engines but forgot to revert back to original URL in menu for domain.com/category/page Now that search engine spider re-crawls that page again, does it sees it as missing or it does not re-crawl whole site again and using its database knows that page still exists by directly crawling to its URL? Thanks
  13. pointSEOshot

    What Is Currently Working For SEO Agencies?

    Thanks DanRay Your fault? You mean you have half of responsibility here for their strategies? I guess linkbuilding and partners finding (is it called SEO outreach?) is pretty boring stuff and hinders promotion in SEO industry as you don't learn what works and what not?
  14. Although I have been self-employed SEO, I have never had local website promotion project and dealt only with general SEO. When I had need for content, I always outsourced article writing which is something senior SEO is aware of. But if I am required to add content to webpage in order to implement a few keywords, then I don't know if I am capable of this. I did not like to deal with content, but I could proofread article, check for punctuation, duplication etc. I feel I need cooperation of content writer and local client because what I will add to webpage should be done under some kind of supervision from local client, because my words are his words. Otherwise I could try and write to send for approval but what if my changes won't pass local client's approval? If I had experience in industry that local business is in, maybe I would know how to do this.
  15. If I take on website promotion of local client when working under management of senior SEO, must I be responsible for adding and editing webpage content after implementing additional keywords on-page? Or my job is only to do keyword research and internal and external optimizations? The thing is website has a goal of converting customers and since that's the case, why not hire copywriter or writer to handle content?