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  1. Sudden 'visitor' spike

    Yes, don't block googlebot. But, as mentioned there are many others. An easy find in google.
  2. Sudden 'visitor' spike

    Interesting..... My biggest random spike was some stumbleupon love last January. If you do determine that it's bot traffic, you can google various bot names (they are easy to find) and block them from your site. This can also come in handy when hiding your backlinks from competitors trying to copy you. Good luck.
  3. I'm just curious what you guys think about sites based on non-unique content. (ie. Sites listing music lyrics, quotations, jokes, ect...) When I run plagiarism scans on these sites, many pages come back with less than 10-15% original content, yet they all seem to rank fine. This isn't regulated to just massive authority sites either. There are plenty of small guys with ranking pages as well. I've seen the Cutts video's and read google's "stance," but that is only for content within "blockquote" tags. Which most of these sites don't use. Thoughts?
  4. Question: Can you provide a couple competitive websites that you have made successful (not including your blog) ? It seems awfully strange that someone who knows how to "Rank Any Site In Google" would be wasting time scraping this forum for traffic for his blog when he could be ranking for "payday loans" or "car insurance".
  5. What do you think? CPVLab is the gold standard right now in the click tracking space, but CP has some unique features (heatmapping, advanced variate testing, "desire" levels...) and get solid reviews from friends of mine. They both cost close enough for the money to not be an issue. I will be using this for large scale paid traffic campaigns as well as seo cpa/email properties & I already use clicky for basic analytics Thoughts? Conversion Prophet: http://www.conversionprophet.net/features.php CPVLab: http://cpvlab.com/
  6. Is this guy doing black or white hat SEO?

    His site was mentioned in a wickedfire thread.
  7. Blog spot Footprints?

    Well I have always been a little paranoid, so I've used my VPN in the past. But I didn't really know if that was something that needed to be done or not.
  8. Blog spot Footprints?

    Definitely, but if I owned 4 different PR 5 bl0gger blogs, I would still want links from them all, even though they are still on the same domain. I was just curious if big G had any way of knowing that I own and control all 4
  9. Just a little curious what you guys think. Say I had 5 different g00gle/bl0gger accounts, each with 3 blogs on them. Is there anyway a crawler could tie those together? They aren't interlinked, all different themes/widgets, and there is no mention of specific accounts in the source code. They all have the same google IP and host. I feel like I'm missing something, thoughts?
  10. What they said above me....But, as an added note to you, seeing as you are new to industry. Do not let all these dramatic overreactions in forums convince you that you are doomed to be "slapped" or beaten down by google. Keep in mind that FAR fewer people jump on forums to talk about how well they are doing. (Unless they are trying to sell you something) Just don't be an idiot, and you will be fine.
  11. http://mozcheck.com/ Mixed results myself. And yes, I would be interested
  12. NON Seo hosting you like

    Micro niche sites = bluehost/hostmonster (same company) Money sites = Wiredtree (Hands down)
  13. For me, a bunch were de-inxed. For the ones that were't, I have asked the owner to manually remove them. It sucks, as I don't know they are causing the problem, and when they get removed, I will suffer anyway, but would rather rank in the 20's on a non-penalized site, than in the 100's with a penalized and some killer HPBL's.