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  1. KingMonkey

    SEO in 2014 - what to expect?

    I will probably continue to ignore it much as I do now and not worry what they do.
  2. Just came to TP via Google and that redirect from a while back is here again.
  3. Thing is though getting a $5 video review done by an 'actor' on Fiverr can actually convert really well if you pick the right person. I used to get video reviews made of Clickbank products and there were only 2 people I would use to do the reviews as they actualy came across as being genuine when they were on camera and you'd believe the review when you watched it. Converted really well whilst they ranked but they eventually tanked (before ranking again for a month or 2 then tanking and never being seen again) and nothing I tried would re-rank them.
  4. You say not complicated but I have no idea how to do any of that. Will check this out. Ok thanks will look into it.
  5. What I don't understand is how to get it from finished website to zip file? So you've got it all uploaded and finished at e.g. www.trafficplanet.com how do you then turn that into a zip file? Seems slightly complicated and I am sure there must be an easier way, I will buy one of these done for you blogs and see how they work because I'm sure they aren't making the people who buy them do all this to get it set up.
  6. Interested to check this out but I don't like sitting watching videos and I'm using my phones data plan at the moment so it's a no go. Me and Reddit don't seem to get on. Have tried it for various sites and even if I try posting and contributing for a few weeks at a time without linking to my stuff as soon as I link to a blog post or something I'm told I'm no longer able to post to the group and given a ton of downvotes.
  7. I found a plugin which backs up all the themes, plugins, content etc but after speaking to the creator of it he says that what I'm trying to do wouldn't be possible because when you save a backup it's associated with a certain database so when you tried to re-upload that to a different server it wouldn't work. So now I've no idea how this can be done. Anyone have anymore insight?
  8. I sense you don't actually want anyones advice and aren't going to follow it, so why ask?
  9. They don't install it for you just give you a file, zip presumably, that you can upload. So looks like a backup plugin is needed that will turn it into a zip file. What do you use Richard?
  10. Over on WF (and perhaps even in the market place here) there are 'done for you' blogs offered where you literally buy a fully done blog with theme, content, logo, affiliate products uploaded and everything else you need. All you have to do is upload. Now my question is how do they offer that? They create that blog once with all the content and products uploaded then how do they package it up to sell it on over and over again? Is there a way to take a full website and zip it into one file ready to be uploaded? It's probably really easy but I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks.
  11. 'Asian' people is far too specific. You need to get it down to an exact type of person so you can literally build a 'character' that fits your main visitor and then provide content tailored to them. "Thinking" they are interested in making money doesn't help much you need to find out 100%. Not sure why you want to pass on affiliate marketing so readily when it will in all likely make you more cash than adsense clicks. It's not going to cost you anything to sign up as an affiliate and promote Theme Forest themes.
  12. Read it but not clear at all what worked or your conclusion is.
  13. C'mon it's not really brand new secret information that needs to be hidden. Everyone has known for a long time that you can rank sites / videos that Google favours and then link to your own site. Isn't the idea that he'll link to his own website (where the affiliate links is) from all the parasite pages in order to drive traffic?
  14. Sorry if this question has been answered and I've missed but how are you deciding on what keywords to go after? I.e. are you looking for keywords with low competition or satisfying a certain criteria or simply going after a random KW?
  15. Thought it was quite straight forward myself, he seems to be asking. 1. What is your demographic? i.e. sex, age, location, income status etc 2. What kind of bloggers are visiting your site? I.e. hobbie bloggers, IM'ers, travel bloggers etc. 3. Do these bloggers want to make money from their blog? If they do then show them how to do it and make money in the process i.e. by selling products / services / software / tools. 4. What keywords are bringing in traffic to your site? Check WMT (web master tools I assume) 5. He suggests to stop using adsense with it's low paying clicks and look at other ways to monetize. If I had a site called mybloggerthemes.com I'd probably be trying to sell blog themes.