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  1. Also found that through the penguin update, ranking of one of my exact match domain dropped. Before penguin update, position was on the first page and suddenly it jump to 10th page so huge change.
  2. Thanks Mr. christoph for giving titlerank explanation but now my question is that how can we know the title rank position as we know the keyword position?
  3. You need to take decision to build the links own. Forget all things what the site was in previous time or just see what is its present condition and as per that develop plan and start to work out in ethical way to get better results for your site.
  4. I have seen one thing in infographics of given link and they have mentioned that title rank helps to identify the bad links. But the question is that what is title rank? As there is nothing about that and never heard anything like that.
  5. It is great that google has provide the feature to know about the instant backlinks report. As we see in the analytics report that google add only such links that be indexed so the question need to think about is that will google indexed all the things that has shown in the instant report for it?
  6. You need to try to get ranking naturally. Provide the unique and useful content with your targeted keyword and get the natural backlinks to your site. And be sure that you have selected right keywords to target and to get better results for the site.
  7. Vivian

    Have you observed this in SERP ?

    Definitely google sets the time for crawling the specific site. Google observes which site has the regular updation, or updation by what time and at how much duration and as per that google crawler visit the site when any updations are made on the site. And i do not think that google used to make the domains down on the same niece. But by the penguin updation, google tries to remove the spam sites and nothing else and penguin is all about the better site structure. So one need to be focused to make the site well developed otherwise worst or not so well developed site can get their ranking down. And to provide the better content, try to get good backlinks and well developed site is the solution to get the better ranking for the site.
  8. Are PPC ads for video cheaper than normal text ads? How? Would you explain?
  9. Here with the social media i have not said to make the new account or anything else every week or so. But i have said to build reputation on social network and to stay in touch with the old people conversation and to build the meaningful interaction with the new people and this is by providing the useful and meaningful information only.
  10. Exactly. Let us consider example of our own life. If we want to buy anything then first we ask to our friends or relatives for the better quality product and then after through many suggestions we choose best for us. So though many of the new methods find out with the new technology but the tradition will not be change and we will see traditional approach somewhere though not more but it is there.
  11. Through this story one can get another tip to make the business more known and to raise it. A person used to believe on thing what other people have said. So if any businessman tries to connect with the people through the real story and experience with the other common person, then the story will show more impact on business.
  12. If one is making use of video to market business then i do not think that there is any requirement to use PPC ads. In recent time video is one of the best way to explain people in less time and in this fast generation most of the people find video be more helpful to know about anything because video saves lots of time. So if your video is clear in idea and attractive and hold something meaningful and useful then video definitely drive people to your business. And one can make video promotion on many of social sources and can build links also.
  13. After the google, the best place to get traffic from is the social media and it is the best place to raise the business. If one makes the conversation with people, be helpful to them and provide the useful information then it definitely be helpful to drive people to the business. But just the thing require is to be helpful and honest.
  14. Though FB do not be helpful for getting higher sales directly but indirectly it be helpful for raising business. As now more people used to use social media to know about the best product and they discuss with the friends about the better product. And sometime due to FB ads also one can get more people to drive to business and as people drive to business then it is one's responsibility to take advantage of this opportunities and to raise sales. So thus indirectly FB and other social media be helpful for business.
  15. It is better idea to be more focused at FB for your business but with that to get focused divert from google will be harmful. As google provide search results from all sources including social media but FB not provide search results from all places and it provide just what it has. So i am just trying to tell that be focused at all things and try to manage all for your business. And as discussed here, FB ads and frequent posts on FB business page will drive more people to you and will be more helpful for your business.