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  1. Hello guys, I want to share with you the most important things you should do in order to optimize your WordPress blog or website for optimal SEO performance. Use SEO-Friendly URLs SEO-friendly urls will boost your results because they help Google to understand what your page is about Optimize your titles for SEO Titles are probably on of the most important on page SEO factor. For best results start your title with your keyword or place it in the beginning. Add modifiers to your title Use modifiers like “2016â€, “bestâ€, “guideâ€, and “review etc. They will help you to rank for long tail keywords. Optimize your descriptions Your descriptions are very important because they will help you to increase your CTR and this will help you to climb in SERP. Eliminate thin or duplicate content Duplicate content decrease the quality of your blog or website and send link juice down the drain. XML sitemaps They help search engines to crawl your websites Content Optimization Content marketing is a growing trend. In fact the safest way to build or earn links is through 10x content. Create in depth 10x content Use LSI keywords - keywords related to your main target keyword Link out to quality resources Interlink other pages on your website Use content Resurrection - updated old content Keyword sweet spots -Put your keyword at the beginning and the end of the article. Boost Time on site The time your visitors spend on your site is vital ranking factor. If the time your visitors spend on your website is longer compared to your competitors Google will boost your rankings. Use Responsive Design There are more searches on Mobile than on desktop. Google even started to penalize mobile unfriendly sites. Use responsive themes Boost Site Speed Speed Factors: Image Optimization Group JavaScript and CSS files Use Caching Plugin Caching information (expires header) Add LazyLoad to your images Gzip compression Widget/Plugin Overload Optimize your WordPress database Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content Fast WordPress Theme Use CDN for static files Use solid web host Decrease the number of Ads External Embedded Media Control a number of post revisions Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks Optimize your home page I created a detailed guide if you need any help with anything above - http://fortunelords.com/wordpress-seo/
  2. Thanks @HCFGrizzlytr but I think that it could help to everyone as the tutorial contains more than 100 tips how to get traffic to your blog or website. I also included many ideas how to monetize and optimize your time. Cheers Danny
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  4. I am sure you can especially if your content is the best in the niche. I am following Brian Dean's Techniques and so far the results are very good.
  5. Bing and Yahoo shouldn't be completely ignored but their search market share is very small compared to Google. H1 is somewhat important but not crucial.
  6. Learn How SEO Will Change in 2015. Five globally recognized experts from Dan Petrovic - Dejan SEO to Neil Patel - Quicksprout - http://vope.net/how-seo-will-change-in-2015/
  7. Danail

    Traffic Planet Hosting Is Really Good

    PM you in a minute because tomorrow finally I will hopefully sign up for traffic planet. I am so confident in your service and will move my main blog.
  8. SEO Myths and misconceptions are holding back many people from their SEO success! That is the reason I created the complete list with the biggest 116 SEO Myths in the industry.
  9. We don't talk about negative SEO very often. But it dangerous. I've created a short guide how to stay safe. Learn how to stay safe from my Slide Presentation
  10. Danail

    Traffic Planet Hosting Is Really Good

    Thanks Terry! I use Maxcdn at the moment. Sorry to answer so late but I really need to move several websites soon. These hosting providers just ***** me off. The only problem is migration. I will ping your support in a couple of days with more details about my websites.
  11. Learn how to speed up your website for free today
  12. Danail

    Traffic Planet Hosting Is Really Good

    I plan to test Traffic Planet hosting for one new website. MAXCDN is the best solution for me. It is very cheap and reliable. Websites' speed improves significantly.
  13. I use hirewriters.com for almost two years. The good writers start from $15-20 for 500-700 post. Exceptional guys charge $30+
  14. Danail

    Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    Why don't try to upload it on several platforms like these on our list at http://vope.net/video-sharing-websites-list/ and use social networks and cheap YT paid traffic to the platform you like to stick.
  15. There is another option just use query like inurl:yourkeyword "powered by discus" in Google and search for specific time range like last 24h, week, month etc As simple as that.