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  1. macseotips

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    I still have some plain ol' http sites doing well on Page 1 -- But I don't think that will last. Most major and corporate sites have all made the switch (and can afford the annual https certificates!) I''d guess by 2020 Google will drop the axe once and for all on non-secure domains. It's only a matter of time...
  2. macseotips

    Big Google Update

    The series of 'March Madness' Google updates is now clear: Ranking keyword losses across the web. Not just my sites - but also to many, many major authority sites as well. Go to SEMRush > Organic Research > 1M(onth) to see chart after chart of lost keywords affecting so many sites. Even Apple got hit. Personally, I lost about 20%-30% of my total ranking keywords. They slowly disappeared over early March then stabilized around the 28th of March were graphs now remain flat. Interestingly, individual remaining keyword POSITIONS didn't move much if anything. This wasn't a PENALTY per-se. Didn't involve major ranking position losses or have anything to do with penalizing backlink profiles. The bottom line is many short and long-tail keywords that you used to rank for may be simply gone. This is probably a function of RANK BRAIN algo's changing. Google basically reduced the 'vocabulary' of phrases it considers important for a lot of sites.
  3. macseotips

    Big Google Update

    SERIOUS damage across my empire from this recent update. From my perspective it hit on Feb 28/March 1st - and it affected nearly all my sites across the board. I'm still waiting for SEMRush (free account) to update for March keyword positions to get a better sense of ranking position losses. Sometimes it doesn't take much to get shoved off to Page 2 and see sharp traffic losses on what were otherwise strong sites. From what I see on Page 1 in the Tech niche -- It's more like a "Who Got Rewarded" update than a 'penalty' per-se. Seems a lot more Knowledge Graph data is showing up above the fold too - that can cause traffic drops for EVERYONE in the Top-10 without organic keyword positions being affected at all. We're being told there's not a lot you can do to 'fix' your new rankings. Lower Expectations + Lower Traffic.
  4. macseotips

    "Linkless" Mentions

    I think I recall a MOZ Whiteboard Friday that delved into this. More of a BRAND building strategy for a brand or your personal name (assuming they're UNIQUE enough to be highly distinct.) It also assumes you're tightly associated with a particular niche or area of expertise. So on-topic 'linkless mentions' in relevant content can build or reinforce 'authority' that would supposedly bleed-back to your well-branded site or social profiles. Press releases where you're quoted or referenced in the content may be the fastest and most powerful way to do brand-building associations without necessarily linking to your money site. Frankly though - if 'excessive' link building to a money site is your concern - simply link to your top-tier social profile URL's - which you can blast with impunity and to great benefit.
  5. macseotips

    What is toxic link?

    A toxic link is anything that has a negative impact on your site's rankings. The most common toxic link is one that sits on a site that has been completely de-indexed by Google. So not only does it offer no link-juice value, it has a negative affect. The second most common is any links on sites that may be indexed, but don't rank for any keywords, get little or no human traffic, have no social signals. Typically these are sites that are neglected and commonly suffer from some degree of -50 or -100 penalty themselves. A lot of general free web directories fit in this category, as do most low-ball Pligg and Scuttle bookmarking sites. They're 'kraplinks' and Google knows it. If used aggressively and in bulk, they'll just drag your site down. Another toxic link is one that's been manually flagged by a Google reviewer. You might have a link, say, in a guest post on an otherwise high authority site that gets subject to manual review. You may then have a broader penalty applied to your site ranging from a -50 penalty (you cant rank any higher than the 4th or 5th page of google, a -100 which traps your keywords near page 10, or result in your site being completely de-indexed.
  6. macseotips

    Google Rankings Fluctuations

    Agreed. From my own aggregate graphs across 5 dozen sites, I sense Google rolled out a Post-Holiday Shopping Season tweak around January 11th and it's been a roller coaster ever since. Only my most authoritative sites with a lot of Top-5 keywords are holding their ground. Everything else feels like Google's doing HEAVY SAMPLING & ROTATION.
  7. macseotips

    Breaking on to the 1st page

    SEMRush helps me identify position 11-21 keywords (and URL's) that can be targeted for easy boosting. Sometimes just beefing-up the content on existing pages is all that's needed to push it onto the first page. At other times, a fresh blog post or static page targeting those 'stuck' Page 2 terms is warranted. I have more than a few sites that live in that Page 2-3 limbo: Google 'likes' the sites, but they lack sufficient Authority. Generally lengthy, quality content moves them up better than link building. The cool thing is Page 1 rankings tend to have great inertia. Once you get some traction in the 1-10 spots, it tends to pull the whole site upward and the number of keywords opens up.
  8. I've had the worst Holiday season in years. My dozens of Amazon affiliate sites (even the most authoritative ones) are really struggling. My consolidated graphs across all these sites don't show a major 'Blip' of any sort occurring on the 12th-14th, but the trend is slowly down, down, down across December. Note: Google is heavily FAVORING amazon.com during the shopping season. Nothing new, but this year I'm seeing amazon listings occupying sometimes 3 to 5(!) of the Top 10 slots! Google may dial it back in the new year - but this weakness and earnings slump during the highest traffic month of the year has me worried about survival in 2018...
  9. macseotips

    Directory links Dead?

    General web directory links can still be useful in moderation. They tend to be do-follow and many will endure for years. The real trick is finding submission services that keep CLEAN directory lists, have precise CATEGORY control, only submit to directories that are INDEXED and RANKING FOR KEYWORDS, and offer SPUN Titles and Descriptions to prevent anchor text over-optimization.
  10. I'd also recommend Hashtagify ( http://hashtagify.me ) - They'll give you the Top-10 related hashtags from a seed keyword statistically sorted by popularity, power and traction. Tips: Go to TABLE MODE, then checkbox to copy/paste the list of Top-10 traffic getting tags. Then, do research on THOSE 10 tags, copy/paste again. Clean the list to remove duplicates - there's usually some overlap. Then, systematically use them in your posting schedule. See this post for how I use a targeted hashtag Twitter assault to rapidly gain high-affinity Twitter followers within minutes.
  11. I'd argue this update actually started on January 9th -- the FIRST FULL WORKWEEK Google engineers returned to work -- and SERP volatility trackers showed a spike. Things got calm for a week or so, then started getting fluxy and rocky again. I'm seeing traffic SAG across my empire in the past week or so, but it's ALL PAR FOR THE COURSE this time of year: 1. Xmas shopping season is OVER. Product research queries fade. Add-On purchases often associated with gifts is winding down. 2. Credit Card bills have arrived for Xmas spending and people CUT BACK on non-essential purchases. #overspent 3. End of year tax deductible business purchases have been made already. 4. Google accumulated A LOT of user metric / ad interaction data (especially for commercial intent) in Nov/Dec when it's volume is at the highest point of the year. 5. Google is applying that new data to it's algos. It's too easy to think Google is on Yet-Another Backlink Penalty Rampage. Maybe they are. Maybe all the ***** you did to promote your content through the holiday crunch is coming back to haunt you. Maybe not. FRANKLY: Barry Schwartz - via SERoundtable, SELand and WebmasterWorld forum properties can single-handedly start or encourage a tempest in a teapot Google trauma-drama anytime he chooses too... So I'm taking this latest 'PBN' kerfuffle with a *YAWN*. Unless Black Hats are screaming "I've had dozens of my PBN's completely De-Indexed!!!!" this is all probably just Google inflicting it's normal new year algo tweaks.
  12. Penguin 4 has been a godsend after 4.5 years in HELL. More than half of my 5 dozen+ sites have recovered to Page 2 or Page 1 positions. MOST INTERESTING: The recoveries are STILL in progress! September/October gave me hope -- But in November, the number of ranking keywords have started to really open up! (SEMRush has been invaluable for seeing keyword position improvements.) Sadly though, the landscape of Page 1 features has changed so much in 4 years that even being in the Top-10 positions isn't nearly as lucrative as it once was...
  13. As long as a site's doing well, I don't fret over adding content. (Ain't broke, Don't fix.) When I do -- I usually target some well-researched long-tail keyword in a page or post I can rank easily for to both nail that term and send a 'freshness' signal that the site's actively being managed. Whenever I had success in any particular niche - I registered another domain and built a similar niche site from scratch. (Do more of what works.) Google loved some of 'em, hated others. It took a 100 domains over 10 years to end up with about 10 truly authoritative domains - and each of those now have a reasonably trusted backup domain to fall back on. As I move forward pruning my empire (Cull the herd) - I'm simply going to migrate much of my existing content onto those secondary thematically-related domains that Google does trust. FYI: I'm not a WordPress guy - I use a stand-alone OSX app - RapidWeaver which allows me to LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY DRAG PAGES from one project to another. That requires (and allows) me to RETHINK some of my permalink structure and folder optimizations in the process. And is a chance to rewrite Titles, Meta, and Body Headers more optimally.
  14. Have screamed my head off on Social - and rarely get much traffic or ROI. The problem with single-handedly owning dozens and dozens of sites is you just can't keep up! Even when I'm in a very productive groove improving / posting fresh content and relentlessly promoting - it's ultimately still just SCATTER-SHOT efforts across my empire. My goal for 2017 is to prune down to 2 Dozen sites that MATTER. At least this Penguin 4.0 update clearly pointed to what's ultimately worth keeping - and what isn't.
  15. What are folks seeing in terms of a Penguin 4 recovery / penalties? The Penguin 4 rollout has definitely helped out my web empire - but not in the ways I'd hoped or expected. I'm looking at stats across 50+ sites which have been live for 5+ years, before Penguin 1.0 hit most of them in April 2012. The sites (all Amazon Affiliate sites BTW) which are recovering started doing so on or near September 20th. Overall my empire's total traffic is up an average of 20-40% and is still holding 3 weeks later. I've never performed ANY disavows or reconsideration requests. But -- Only ~10 of those 50 sites are recovering. Those were sites that Google already trusted, liked, or only had minor page-level penalties. Other than some social shares, I stopped doing any heavy-handed link building long ago - If Google still liked them, there was no sense in damaging my revenue stream. Those with hard, site-wide -50, -100 keyword penalties (and only rare occasions of Google traffic) have shown absolutely NO RECOVERY at all. So the majority of them are still under various degrees of *Panda* penalty - or *Panda + Penguin*. In a nutshell: Sites Google already trusted have benefitted from the Penguin 4 rollout with a decent rise in traffic and improved keyword ranking positions. Sites Google has hated for years didn't budge an inch - though I may have tried: 1. Doing nothing and let link decay erase my crappiest links. 2 Adding fresh content. 3. Rewriting huge chunks of the site. 4. Aggressive link building trying to diversify anchor text. Unless these latter sites suddenly 'Jump Out' of their penalty state (it happens sometimes!) -- After the Holidays and in 2017 I'm finally going to let these remaining, clearly hopeless domains expire.