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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I guess it's a wise move. I have another question: I recently came across a IM blog that candidly suggested to use fake identities to register domains. What do you think about this? How risky do you think this choice is? If you think it is risky, what are the risks? Thanks again!
  2. Hello! I was wondering about this but I'm not sure about the answer. As the title states, do you think that registering every domain with the same domain registrar (using private whois) but hosting every domain on different hosting companies leaves a footprint? If yes, do you think this may be significant? I hope you guys can help me with this. Thanks!
  3. One of my first websites is penalised by Google. I was really inexperienced and basically spammed every kind of link, this obviously led to a penalty. I was focusing on other projects but now I would like to recover at least the content. I submitted a disawov file and I'm waiting for a recovery but the links are really so many and so low quality that I doubt this will work. Luckily, I have a nice aged domain in the same niche sitting there for a while. The plan B is to move the content to this new domain. What are the best practices to do so? I'd rather not redirect, since the penalty may follow. How to avoid duplicate content issues? Should i wait the old website to get deindexed before publishing the content elsewhere?
  4. Aravin

    Yahoo Answers Strategy

    Yes I know YA isn't very good overall but I think it would be very good in this particular niche.
  5. Hello! I'm looking for some good guide/resources for Yahoo Answers traffic generation. Any suggestions? How much can I link without being banned? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  6. Despite what I keep hearing about other metrics being more effective to evaluate a website correctly, PR was still a very very precious indicator to me and it's probably gone..
  7. This is also a beautiful example on how to get great links for you business writing an interesting article
  8. What about a subdomain for uk version and one for the italian one? Like uk.domain.it
  9. @_Richard Sorry, I will keep that in mind. Back on topic, I made a detailed link audit and found around 25 superspammy forum backlinks. I submitted all of them to disavow links tool, do you guys think this will work?
  10. Ok my site was attacked with Negative SEO. MajesticSEO found most of these backlinks in early April. I'm talking about some nasty viagra forums with hundreds of url links as content. Webmaster tools shows around 20-30 backlins like that. I went from pos 3 to pos 8-10. I'm building some quality private network links and teh website is bouncing back a little bit apparently. I think it's worth to use disavow links tool but I would like some advice on the matter. Thanks!
  11. Aravin

    Branded anchor tolerance

    Well I guess with dictionary + keyword tool you could sort of automate the distinction. But maybe it's the same. So, back to the percentage tolerated, how big is that? I guess you could have 99% url just fine, but brand name?
  12. I was wondering what's the tolerace for massive branded anchor text. We all know that a good mix of anchor is needed after penguin 1.0 but I wanted to know what is the tollerance for the same branded keyword. Let's say that I have a namesurname.com domain. What if 80% of my anchor is "Name Surname"? Let's say the domain contains a keyword. How much exact anchor "keyword" can keyword.com tolerate? Please numbers, facts and experience + minimal speculation!
  13. Aravin

    301 redirects effects

    In my experience 5 days is too early to judge anything in SEO, 301 redirect penaltites take 3-4 weeks to pass from one site to another. I don't see why good juice should take less time to take full effect even if sometimes it doesnt take that much.
  14. Thanks for your suggestions! I am already working on new websites and they are starting to rank but I was considering trying to recover my old websites aswell. "The template" was nothing special but they were still putting some extra money in my pockets which is always nice... A reconsideration request is not what i want, link profiles are still horrible with some anchor text diluition and that's it. I will just keep working on the new ones and see what happens after next penguin refresh.