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  1. Then what's your advice? Use software for every link building process? NOW seriously?
  2. Sorry - Domain not for sale anymore.
  3. linkmonster

    Aquestion about Press Release

    Press Release is the best and reliable way to increase your traffic. There index rate way too much high, increases visibility and gains more traffic and customers. Worth the price. Also try google news publishing.
  4. Yes google is doing updates once/twice a month for sure.
  5. linkmonster

    How do you make money?

    Research on rare keyword, start a simple template blog, add unique content on daily basis, try some ads on them and there you go. You can then start your blog network (It need loads of time,efforts and research).
  6. First of all don't host all the domains on one hosting server, spread them a,c - class ip's, then try to sell blogpost (blogrolls - not recomended after google crazy updates), as you have good PR you will earn a good amount.
  7. linkmonster

    Best And Fastest VPS?

    I doubled check all my domains and as @jakson0100 stated, all my blogs are de-indexed becuase of their ip's.
  8. linkmonster

    Blog network hosting

    yes same here, all my blogs de-indexed I thought its because of google update. Thanks for the advice.
  9. linkmonster

    Blog network hosting

    But I as using for 5-6 months and never faced any major problem.
  10. linkmonster

    Paypal recurring payments

    Even if your clients don't have paypal account, then while making the payment via credit card paypal will ask to create a new account.
  11. linkmonster

    Blog network hosting

    Try skynethosting, they offer unique c class ip's at cheap rate + steup and support is awesome.
  12. Price: $150. If anyone interested please let me know.
  13. linkmonster

    Best And Fastest VPS?

    Was using xsserver, but they no longer allows scrapebox. So switched to skytop $5 cheaper than xsserver, and it works perfect.
  14. I have PR5 and PR3 Blog, if interested please let me know.