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  1. Order Review Let me start this off by saying that I have recommended Joe and his service far and wide because of the results people have had. As you read this review you might think I am being overly critical, that is not my intention. I am simply writing this to outline my experiences with the entire order process, delivery, and results. So here is goes: I ordered on 14 December later in the day. The order process is actually pretty easy, however you are going to need your URL's and keywords ready before you start or you will end up fumbling around collecting every thing up like I did. Also, if you are getting the bonus link building package, have url's and keywords ready for that as well. I received a thank you for ordering email on the morning of the 15th of December from Joe. I received the draft of my PR late the night of the 15th, I didn't see it in my inbox until the 16th so we will call that a 24 hours turn around from order submission to written press release. The press release was actually written really well and I didn't have to make one change to it. Before I sent my approval email, I added the press release to my website and made sure it was indexed. I have a particular "Press Room" layout for all my clients sites and doing this adds some legitimacy to your press releases (should read you don't look like a douche SEO lol). I replied to the draft email saying yes it was approved. By 1 PM that day I received an email from my client noting that they found a press release, they loved it, and wondered if I had created it. So far, so good! On the morning of the 18th I recieved an email containing a search result for my press release indicating that it was in Google News! Pretty exciting right? Well, let's not get too carried away. Sure the press release was in Google News for the title on exactly ONE website. This one to be exact: http://www.free-press-release-center.info Now, don't get me wrong, to the uneducated client who doesn't know any better, their content is in Google News and that's all that matters to them. However, as a marketer, I am left quite underwhelmed, only one site, really??? The part of the submission report contained links to the rest of the places my PR was syndicated to. This is where things get a bit interesting. You see on my report there were some 350 urls, give or take, that are pretty much locked into a word document. So I had to save the document as an HTML file and use Link Gopher to extract them. Of those 350 links, a whole whopping ZERO were indexed in Google. Needless to say I was a bit irritated. So I dug deeper. It didn't take me long to figure out that Joe is using Marketers Media to syndicate, which explains his pricing right lol. That is not the negative here. 75% of the links in my report were from syndication sites, kinda like this one: http://markets.financialcontent.com/pennwell.pennenergy/news The rest were from news and television stations. Now, the link structure you get in your report is actually WAY different than the structure the news and TV sites use. So when you look at the report you get, you see that nothing is indexed, when in fact most of those TV and news sites are indexed under a different URL. Bringing us to use Google to find them. I used an exact match search for the title to find the syndication of my PR. The first day, there were 79 instances of my PR in Google search. Today, as I write this, there are 112, a far cry from hundreds or thousands some claim to be getting in their reviews. Ranking Results After the press release landed, I actually got a decent boost in the search rankings. Now, its not anything earth shattering, moved up and average of 3-4 spots in Google and 5-8 in Google Maps. So those 112 links were decent quality and they did help do what I was looking to do. Suggested Courses of Action 1) Identify two pages on your site to link to in the PR, don't use the same URL. 2) In the bonus linking package, use a manual T1 site that links to the page your targeting in your PR, don't use the same page URL. 3) When you get the report, strip out the URL's and get them indexed. I have a tool to do it that is broken right now and I don't feel like doing it manually or more than 112 would be indexed right now. 4) Don't expect more than 3-4 hundred links from your submission. Thousands would be cool, and having way more in Google News would be even better, but these seem to be doing their job. Final Review I have to say that I will be using Joe's service again, and continuing to recommend it as well, however I will have to caveat in my recommendations not to expect to get into super cool news sites. This service is more for a great way to get some authority to your websites from trusted domains and to diversify your anchor text if you or a client goes crazy with exact match. You won't see significant rankings boost, nor get a lot of dofollow links you can boost. You won't see traffic from these PR's either, so keep that in mind. Hopefully my review helps someone out and brings the results expectations more into reality.
  2. I actually used this service for some content for a new silo I am creating. They did great work and delivered right on time. Definatley will use them again.
  3. Ordered 5 1000 word articles, everything submitted. Will review the service when complete. Thank Clint
  4. As stated already by a couple people its not that automation software is bad for your site. The problem arrises when you learn how to use is and see how powerful it can be, one tends to get greedy and turn them on full blast, thus resulting in penalties. Every one of these softwares still sell at pretty high prices because they just plain work. Nobody can deny it. And if you build any links to your site at all your violating Google's policies so if your going to get in trouble you might as well make money before you get caught right? That being said I like Magic Submitter and GSA Ser. I use MS on my website for tier 1 and I use GSA Ser for the rest of the teirs. On video, GSA Ser all day long.
  5. SO what your saying is we can resell the service on Fiverr? LMAO!!
  6. Clint Butler

    Why Is This Forum Called "White Hat SEO"?

    I have said the same thing myself however I have come to the conclusion that there is indeed "white hat SEO" in the world. These are folks who build their website out and work through every possible on page issue there is and consistently publish content on their sites. The slug away day after day doing so in order to hope that Google will find their stuff relevent enough to actually rank it somewhere. Then try march right on over to Facebook and start "building their brand" by posting comments and other random crap in some misguided attempt to be part of the conversation. They do this for about three months at the most before they realize that perhaps its not the way to go. Then they start posting links around the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pliggs, Guest Posts, and in Forums saying that they are not link building to rank higher they just want to promote their stuff. That is how they console themselves with the thought that yes, you have to build links to rank and get the traffic you want. That's why they came up with the name "grey hat", so they could be right with their higher moral code then us evil "black hat" people who skipped through much of the tedium and just starting building links right off.
  7. For anyone still following in this thread, try to rank YouTube Live video's. I understand that they are ranking much better than normal or HangOut's right now, of course that could change in the future.
  8. First, I would focus on all the on page stuff. With WordPress that is pretty easy using a plugin like WordPress SEO. This will help you get your conical and other key meta information correct. Then, ensure that the site is silo'd in a way that you like working with. I personally use categories to silo 90% of my site, however I have a silo on my site that is built just to generate initial traffic. Interlinking is also key. Don't be shy about linking to a few of the other pages of your website on every new piece you create. I personally link ALL my pages to my homepage so all the trust etc is all flowing to one place eventually. I also link to my other posts in each one to move the visitor around the site and spread the wealth of the link power throughout. Page speed is important too, all I can say is Traffic Planet Hosting. Then off page its backlinks, quality versus quantity for your websites. With YouTube though, I go for quantity as fast a possible. That's my basic strategy for 2014
  9. I for one would love to try it out!
  10. Thier site is down. Do you have an alternative? BHS is not an option, I used them and although there software works, I just didn't get along with the people running it.
  11. You probably could have sold that video! thanks!
  12. Clint Butler

    Why buying twitter/facebook likes is good.

    As a general rule buying the social signals is best done to kickstart the sharing process. People are more likely to share when they see that other people have already done it. But once that initial kick is going there is no sence in continuing throwing money at it. As your most likely not getting traffic from the likes your paying for.
  13. Clint Butler

    Free Facebook Likes !

    Its all about the EdgeRank, the more likes you posts get the more likely your next post will show in more feeds. Works best with pages, but still expect a low amount of impressions for each post based on the new Facebook system. I have more luck when I am doing it with my personal profile,
  14. Clint Butler

    Your Success with Twitter

    I have to say that I have the greatest success with LInkedIN, but obviously its really going to depend on your niche. But if they are on there, the traffic is in the groups. So, what you do is go in and join the active groups in your niche. Your looking for ones where at least three to five people a day are posting. Join them, I think the limit is 50 groups but LinkedIN will let you past that once you get more involved in them. Then every time you post a new piece of content share it in the groups. It is better to do it during the night U.S. time. This is due to the notification emails that they groups automatically send out to all the members. Your content will be highlighted to every group member via email around 9 am EST. Doing this I am guarateed at least 50 views from the network, more depending on the topic and trust gained over time. As for Google+ I am really starting to gain traction there. The trick with that network I found is to get yourself on a bunch of circles. You can do a search for "shared circles (keyword)" and you will find a bunch. That's how I started out looking for circles containing bloggers, social media experts and seo folks. You can also join the general ones made up of people who are engaging a lot on Google+. The traffic peice is a bit harder. I found that they like mostly pictures and gif's. You can get traffic but you have to find communities where people are talking with each other to pull it off. Right now most are just link dropping groups so its time consuming going through the thousands that are there. Facebook, its blah for traffic unless your doing PPC. I get traffic from groups I am in, but posting on my profile usually does me no good unless I did something cool to my site, then people come. Twitter, I am in a group on Facebook I created that automatically syndicates every time I post. I use Triberr as well, both result in a steady slow stream of traffic and retweets whenever I post. Hope that helps. Clint