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    Tax matters

    Hi everyone Some affiliate networks require that i have an EIN or SS number. As I live in the UK I don't have either. Is there a work around?...otherwise I cant join.
  2. I want to eat google so that it no longer exists. I am fed up with the browser losing my tabs. I opened the browser but my tabs were not showing, so I clicked to open it again, still no tabs. I have a lot of tabs open because I multi-task. And because I opened google chrome twice, I cannot restore to any previous session. So google chrome can go and jump for all I care. If it was a living entity I'd throttle it, throw it in a pyre and burn it!! Sorry, rant over...NOT.
  3. A quick review. I haven't viewed the entire course yet, but I wanted to make a comment here. Firstly, the course is laid out in a very easy manner. Logan begins by explaining why he rates Squidoo so highly. Then he takes you to his Lens (via several youtube videos) and explains the layout of the lens that works for him. I have to say that the quality of the lens is outstanding. The lens is a review of a product. I typed the product into Google and sure enough, Logan is in the number 2 spot. Like I said, I haven't viewed all of the videos (27 in total) but the ones I have seen, explain in easy to understand language how the lens is put together. He also goes through the dashboard and reveals his stats, keywords and such. I am really looking forward to viewing the rest of the course. All in all, it's exactly what Logan said it would be.....well done Logan, and congrats for getting the number 2 spot.
  4. Hi Logan I read your sales page and I found it very good and full of hooks to 'draw me in'....just as it should do. I guess I am one of those people who look to the next 'shiny object' and never get anywhere......and I gotta STOP doing it! Looking forwards to your course and finally believing that 'I can do it'.
  5. I know we are all eager to learn but take your time Logan. Get well soon bud.
  6. Well, I tried this and it didn't work for me. I guess it's the 'voice recognition' part of DNS that is the problem.
  7. Has anyone tried this.....play a youtube video on your chosen subject, use DNS to type it. Of course it would need editing but article writing made easy?