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  1. In most cases I do but there are some customers who refuse point blank to pay up front. Which I now leave alone. I am thinking that this is advice for people who are just beginning a writing career on the web. I know there is plenty of Information out there, but I have not seen this tip so I thought I would share it.
  2. This is more of a tip than a discussion but it is one I now use very effectively. Every one who writes articles will probably at some time have been not paid for articles written. It has happened to me so now I use this small but effective way to ensure a customer is genuine. If a customer orders a set of articles say 10 but says they will pay on completion, I will write the articles but copy them into a text box in paint. Then I save them as a JPG which I send to the customer for approval. Then I say to the customer that if the articles are satisfactory when I have received payment I will release the original files. If the customer is genuine they will accept my point of view. If they had intended to run off without paying then the net result is that you have 10 articles that you can sell on to somebody else. I hope this tip saves people from being conned in the future.
  3. Bing Challenge

    Hi I have just set firefox to open with the bing search engine. I will give you a full report on my experiences next week as requested.
  4. To everyone that has expressed an interest in obtaining my directory list I would ask you please to contact me via email. I will however ask you to be patient as I want to check all the links are working first. What i could do is send it out as a product eventually. For the moment though I will give it away i hope the people that do receive it find it helpful.
  5. Sure that will not be a problem.... I have not checked the whole list yet as there are over 7,00 sites to look at but I will have them all ready by next weekend if that is ok for you. All sites i send will be fully working because I will have personally checked them. HaHa it could make a good WSO
  6. Article Writers Needed - Native

    Hi if this is still open you I would happily write about the Philippines for you.
  7. Pricing for Articles

    It is my belief that quality is far more important now. People who come to your website are looking for information, poor quality content that does not supply the answers they are looking for will soon get them clicking X. As a part of a project I am currently running I have been looking at article directories and the quality of some of the content is laughable. It is very easy to spot spun articles becuase some make no sense what so ever. Myself I prefer to research and write fresh articles that I know are totally unique.
  8. how much to pay

    Looking around at the numerous freelancing sites I am amazed at the number of writing jobs posted and people only expect to pay 1 or 2 dollars for a 500 word article. In my opinion people who make such posts and expexct to get high quality work should take a reality check. Living in the Phillipines myself I have discovered that the writers there are concerned with supporting their families and take on cheap work in the hope of getting better paid work in the future. However there are a number of good writers here and they are starting to ask more for their services so the days of cheap articles may soon be a thing of the past. Which can only be good because the overall quality of the web will rise.
  9. Hi I am currently working on a SEO manual backlinking project that involves submitting articles to different article directories. Most directories state that the articles submitted should be A. 100% unique B. Your own work or ghost written. C. Not published anywhere else on the web. My question is that if articles are submitted to an article directory and are found satisfy the above criteria, if those same articles were then posted on a private blog two weeks after submission would they be flagged as duplicate content and removed from the site? although it does say that webmasters can publish the articles where they want including RSS syndication .
  10. Hi I am working on a SEO project at the moment and have a database of over 7,000 sites that supposedly take articles, If you are looking for a particular niche I could send some across.