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    PBN site posts outranking money site - What to do

    haha...I want access to that PBN! mind sharing?
  2. I have a few local clients and might be interested in talking to you.
  3. I'm looking for links on websites that cover anything Wordpress or blogging related. I don't care about PR. I'm more interested in quality looking websites. PM me the sites and your desired fee. I'm sure we can work out something.
  4. workinforalivin

    Problem with Google & one psycho client

    I think you're on the right track. When does the domain expire? It's possible this client is done trashing your brand. Are they doing any link building? The problem with only doing 100's of bad links is that it probably doesn't overwhelm the decent links he is building. I think if you really want to do that negative stuff you'll need thousands and thousands of bad links. But make the anchor texts ALL relevant to your brand and all the same keyword like "my brand fraud." This will make Google think that HE'S doing the links and not someone else. You have to make it look like that webmaster is gaming the ranks. Oh....and file a spam report on it. If he has a bunch of guest posts, list them in your spam report and say "this site is attempting to manipulate the search results for my brand by using guest blogging spam." or something like that. But before you spend a ton of money, see when the domain expires. Or pay a friend to contact him and put that money into buying the domain. Say you're going to spend $500 on negative SEO. It would probably be more effective to have someone you know contact the webmaster and say "hey, I had a terrible experience with mybrand, and I want that domain so I can publish more information about it....how much will you take for it?" Maybe not exactly like that....but do you get the idea? I have done this in the past and it's MUCH cheaper. Sometimes you can get those kinds of domains for $200 or $300 and save money on the negative SEO stuff that could only be helping them.
  5. workinforalivin

    Problem with Google & one psycho client

    might seem too basic, but do you also have all of your social profiles registered and ranking for your brand name? Make sure you're on all the major social networks. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. Registering a bunch of domains w/ your brand name in them isn't as quick as registering brand pages on several other authoritative domains. Then link to your official profiles on other websites from your own website.
  6. I've emailed you and haven't gotten a reply. Interested in submitting to your network. Also, any others with networks, I'm interested. as well.
  7. Need to buy some quality niche relevant links. Or closely related niche relevant. Niches that would work are men's interests, trucks, cars, motorcycles, outdoor, camping, hunting, fishing, home improvement, powersports, atv, etc. Let me know what you have and what the cost is.
  8. If you are a guest blogger or freelance blogger with existing contracts you're writing for, you can get paid AGAIN for work you're already doing! Often times you include links to authority websites within your guest posts. Lazy guest bloggers just link to Wikipedia. But Wikipedia isn't paying you for that link, right? I will pay you if you'll link to one of my authority sites. PM me if interested. I can pay $3 to $20 per link depending on where you're publishing your posts at.
  9. I'm on the hunt for automotive links! I don't really care so much about PR or DA. I'll take any good automotive link I can get. I don't have much to give though. I have two PR2 domains. One is green energy (LED lights) and the other is health/fitness/weightloss/medical/wellness blog. Oh....I also have cash if that's what you prefer. Please PM me with your ideas.
  10. signed up and added the badge. Instructions say that I have to login to view my protected pages. So search engines won't even see these links, will they?
  11. Use Shopperpress. You can import directly from Amazon and make it look like an ecommerce site. Users can even add multiple products to a cart, go to a "checkout" which will link them directly into their Amazon checkout flow. If you have other affiliate networks you'd like to import, there is a nice Datafeedr integration as well. But datafeedr has a monthly subscription fee.
  12. Or use Pipes first to create a custom feed, then run that through the enlarger to get the full text for your custom feed. Maybe that's a better way.
  13. to my knowledge Yahoo Pipes only pulls the text that is available in the RSS. This tool worked perfectly for me when I tried it. You could essentially use this to enlarge the RSS feed and then use Pipes to mashup and create a very custom feed for a news aggregator site.