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  1. What are your thoughts Terry on that huge drop 2 weeks after they got the notice of unnatural links? I dont see the guys from seomoz in here talking about this, I wonder why?
  2. I noticed that the description field in the code for IP.Board forums is pulled from the first post of every page. So if you are posting as the 21st, 41st, 61st etc... user, your post content is used as the description giving more chance of your comments being found in Google. I am sure there are many ways this can be used to your advantage, I am not sure what other forums use this technique to add a unique description
  3. Actually the best thing you can do is push them to use a web app for mobile devices. Then they have the icon on their homescreen and if the app is good you have a long term customer. An app these days can be a full featured forum and much more, this forum uses IP.Board software and it has a mobile version available.
  4. Getting back to more important things, how is the huge loss in traffic for seomoz.org not a major talking point right now?
  5. @chrisrempel its very rare to see such an intellectual response these days. You are absolutely right.
  6. A very good point indeed. Your 100% correct. By 2015, more U.S. Internet users will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices. And currently 28% of internet usage is from a mobile phone in the UK The problem is NOW that needs fixing not 3 years from now. Its been going on for more than 7 years and its a total joke in the last 4. I think the only solution is some sort of opensource owned by the people type of service. This will prevent censorship and healthy debates about changes.
  7. search quality will never be an issue for 99% of people. There are always people willing to pay for adsense and as they are paid for they are most likely to be decent enough results. You will always find what you want in the first 10 results anyway. People are too lazy too change their search site. The only hope for webmasters is to install an adblocker of some type. This will screw the Google model. If the WSJ did an article on the dangers of not having an adblocker, essential to have it to stop spyware of something like that and the obvious better experience you get with an adblocker, google will be trashed overnight! There are many webmasters who would not like this as it will block ad money they make on their sites, but in the long run it would make natural search better for them.
  8. Looks like they took a pretty good hit to me. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/seomoz.org#rank Why is everyone so impatient, we all know it takes a few weeks for the rankings to drop. Question is what did/have they done to fix this problem?
  9. I have said all along that the whole idea of negative SEO has been a plan a long time in the making, Google profits in the last 6 months should not be a suprise to anyone in this forum. Will anyone care now that seomoz has got a warning and a huge spike downwards in traffic on Alexa. NOPE! Next they will go through the process of going to the webmaster forums, plead their case and the response will be. @somedouchebag - Well actually you are just ranking where you should be for some keywords, you were benefiting from unatural links before. So you have nothing to worry about. Carry on as normal with you X% loss in traffic. bye bye It will be a hard sell to the Google board members to reverse this type of behavior now as it makes far too much money in Google Adwords. I have thought long and hard over this one, with the new updates in place, I see no reason why Google does not tell us what works in SEO. If they have tweaked the algo so much that only positive things can have an impact on rankings such as social media coverage, press releases etc... Then why not tell us all how to do it properly so we spend our money in the correct places. For years they claimed if they told us then it would be manipulated. But are we not now at the stage where telling us will be best for everyone. This will mean far less blackhat? More marketing/advertising companies opening up and a business that has money to spend can achieve high rankings. Google has destroyed it for the overnight entrepreneur millionaire anyway. Fact is they want you to pay for the listings and eventually they will claim that the natural results have got so bad that it only makes sense to show the paid links. At one time the internet was owned by the people, this was when webmasters made up a large majority of the internet. When the pattern started to shift to it being used by regular users Google started to take control of the internet. Now there are so many businesses online that if lots of them start to drop off the map, most people would never notice. A webmaster has a choice to go elsewhere and get traffic from those sources however this is unrealistic when 80%+ of the users are using Google. The people have NO NEED to change service as they have no idea that Google is behaving badly as a business. They have no idea of the impact that Google is making on their lives. If all businesses need adwords to survive then that means a few extra pennies or more on the bottom line of every product being sold. This will increase the cost of everything bought online. Google is having a direct impact on the recession. Its time for the TV/media to come out and speak about whats happeing. Its such a good opportunity for fairsearch.org, WSJ etc... to chime in and make something happen otherwise ONE comapny owns OUR internet. What a joke! It wont be long before forums like this and others start to have threads that dont get indexed because of conversations that are negative to the Google empire. Its just a matter of time. In the last few months we have concentrated very hard on destroying ranks of good sites and its actually getting easier! LOL We have been creating links on sites that have no contact info except a form that tells you how to buy a link etc... There is no way to take the links down except a dmca request. As soon as the links are places we report the sites for link selling/buying. We are seeing signs from these businesses that they are getting unatural link messages. We have made fake calls to companies posing as an SEO business selling services and free advice so we can get inside info on what is going on. Within a few weeks of the notice much like the seomoz issue there is a large drop in traffic. Mostly the main keywords. The long tail stuff seems to stay. Google will not fix this issue as they DO NOT CARE. The thing that really pisses me off about what I do is that for the first time in many years of doing this I am actually helping Google make money, the more good businesses and sites I ruin the more they spend in adwords to keep their site ticking over. I popular trend I now see is that most branded businesses have resorted to buying exact match domains for major keywords for large sums of cash. Once they have wasted a ton of cash in adwords while waiting to hear back from a reconsideration request only to be told, NO not good enough. Webmasters buy multiple domains so that they spread the risk for the future. Thus maintaining 3+ sites of average quality. Instead of 1 good site. If you have done something like this, let yourself be heard! let the media know what a negative impact Google is having on your business by posting here. It will not be too long before fairsearch.org can finally get the courts to listen if you all speak out. Do no Evil muahahaha!!!!!!!
  10. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/googles-unnatural-links-warnings
  11. Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    I see a bunch of my old crappy sites that have not been touched in years getting traffic! LOL
  12. Lets move on from the chest beating on both sides. For me the laugh of the year is this "according to Google Matt Cutts has just admitted that their developers are very bad at what they do and therefore it took them UNTIL NOW! To sort out spam example #1 LOL are you ***** kidding me!!! SERIOUSLY!
  13. I stand by my comments, one person can make a difference and sometimes a large one. Thats all I was saying. Take it out of context if you want but I know what I was saying.
  14. Mike Anthony, your intention is to hijack this post, you know full well that I wrote this after my example "yes this is a different situation but its an example of how stupid your comment is" You take everyones comments out of context and you are the one that looks like a fool. This will be the last time I respond to you and I would ask anyone else to do the same in this forum.
  15. Example 2 of a spam site is a problem highlighted to Google so long ago that its disgusting that its taken this long to fix. Problem was discussed here: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking/EZ-3XjsHN2s If Google is not Evil then they are either ignorant or their Algo developers are actually really bad at what they do, according to Google Matt Cutts has just admitted that their developers are very bad at what they do and therefore it took them UNTIL NOW! To sort out spam example #1 LOL are you ***** kidding me!!! SERIOUSLY! I could teach someone to programme and get them to fix that problem in a week. What an embarrassment!