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  1. raven

    17 Untapped Backlink Sources

    better then what i got lol, i brought out the rum and coke and got drunk and sung songs in some language that doesnt exist but it worked lol
  2. I dunno the spike correlates to the mass attention the negative seo post got but traffic does seem down
  3. raven

    General Protocol For Penalized Sites

    yes was wondering if you have seen anything with internal linking within your w ebsite ( on navbar level) that can cause any over optimzation or is it safe Im trying this out on individual burnt pages i know i had blog network lnks going to, but just having a link to a brand new page with the same content just new url on the same domain
  4. raven

    General Protocol For Penalized Sites

    IE have you noticed anything about onpage overoptimization of anchortext links to inner pages? Havent read anything but was wondering if this could be something too.
  5. got the namecheap domain special, but only after 45 mins and reloading the page every minute since the shopping cart was slow lol
  6. Matt Cutts uses wordpress for his site and i believe and dont quote me that wordpress is used on 18% of sites on the net.
  7. the only possible value this tool as right now, and its a long shot would be to disavow the links on expired domains that google may or may not be counting towards your link totals. We dont know if these links are considered posion or not as of yet . Even then if you disavow the links google already knows are deindexed, this could set you up for a possible manual inspection of your remaining links.
  8. raven

    Someone is stealing my content!

    think i got it. you added the tynst plugin or whatever it is called that adds the link to your page when someone scrapes it or cut and pastes it into a file. this person scraped your content and is posting it to other sites, the link your getting is a trackback fomr the pages he put it on unknowingly. ( not knowing the link is there) your getting a link back but its inconvient for you. my best advice since someone did this to me, is rewrite the content on that page to make it unque if you want, but with the authorsure plugin added to google plus from this point on i believe google will look at your posts as the original. all others will go to suplimental.
  9. raven

    Someone is stealing my content!

    think you make uo a google plus account and then add it to the plugin in the options. It will add a picture next to your listing and when you publish articles or posts it will tie them to your account with google. another one you might want is pubsubhubbub plugin for fat pings
  10. raven

    Someone is stealing my content!

    also use authorsure and add your google plus acount to it. Use a royalty free picture if you dont want to use yours. It will tie your work with your account in googles eyes. your other option is to serve a dmca for the stolen content. I dont agree with dmca's for link take downs, but for content you worked hard ot create i do.
  11. im all for this rivalry lol granted 1 evil corp taking on another to rule the roost isnt always a good thing, but competition is
  12. raven

    GoDaddy Goes Down

    its karma on godaddy for inflated pricing and a bad customer panel lol
  13. my website in google blows chunks due to a reliance on exact anchor text, in bing i rank for alot of my keywords in the top 2 pages. I vote Bing lol
  14. so Amit Singhal vision of google in the future is the computer from star trek the first 2 mins are golden lol
  15. Nada only rumors that it was arriving today, but rumors could be rumors