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  1. For web2.0, high quality content works better if your site is a big site.
  2. Sky is the limit. At first target some main keywords, then target long tail keywords according to the primary keywords. In fact, you will understand the keyword factor very well after having success on some keywords.
  3. 550+ lenses and 85 dollars per month. Looks very low, but it is good as long as you are happy and you mentioned you are doing it for testing purposes. Good luck.
  4. Very brave thread. I would like to add NFL or NCAA live streaming.
  5. 1) how many URLs would you spread? Only the raw home page URL and/or also inner pages? Both home pages and inner pages. 50-60 does not look bad to me if they are properly targeted. 2) using brand names like MySite.com and/or My Site in the NAME field Not a bad idea, but if there are too any users like you (website username), then use a generic user name. 3) using names like John from My Site in the NAME field Same as two. 4) niche related and/or non-related? which is the best option? Niche related in my opinion. 5) setting up a gravatar could help? Yes, could help because you will have same image all over the internet. It will be like a BRAND if you can promote well. Good luck.
  6. VHSEO_Mike

    Any suggestion or idea to solve this SERP problem ?

    I would analyze the #2 site more deeply and tried to copy its strategy. Onsite experiment could be risky, so I would definitely go with offsite SEO. Good luck.
  7. Yes, you are right. it's a psychological matter. Fake accounts have to face a lot of troubles in the near future. They might not even exist.
  8. VHSEO_Mike

    Like button

    Nice explanation
  9. VHSEO_Mike

    Image title and Alt Text

    Alt tag is very important when it comes to SEO, and title is also important. I usually use user friendly, eye catching title. Hope this helps.
  10. Tanks for the share. No doubt headline is the most important part of any article. An eye-catching headline is essential to get the attention, and call-to-action is also of paramount importance.
  11. VHSEO_Mike

    Exact match domains

    Nice idea. It will also look better and more professional.
  12. Niche+category both are important for guest posting. But if you have authority on your subject, you should get some FREE good quality guest blogging opportunities.
  13. VHSEO_Mike

    Subpage ranks out frontpage

    Good news is your site is getting ranked on the first page of Google. Then add more call to action to your subpage.
  14. If the decision is only based on pirated content, then YouTube should also be removed, and Google ill never do that.
  15. VHSEO_Mike

    SEO & Domain name question...

    First looks better and more professional to me, but be careful, you may not follow that style if you have so many articles.