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  1. Ranking without the need for links

    Overall, I've found that if you are not doing any link building, you are selling your site short. If you are a business, you need to advertise to do 100%. If you are building a web site, you need to advertise - aka, linkbuilding. Frank
  2. Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    Come on guys, I know that this stirs up hard feelings, but we need to study and understand this IF we want to be able to recognize it when it happens and how to build a battle plan against it! We have no room here for poking one in the eye or sticking our heads in the sand. We need to learn, learn, learn. This will be in all of our neighbourhoods way too soon! So, if you have something bad to say, tell your dog. If you have something constructive to say, get responding. Frank
  3. Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    Actually you may all complain but this is a great post. The only way to know a thing is to see it from ALL angles. I for one believe this thread should stay. I may not like that this can happen, but it's important for us to know it.
  4. Terry, two things. Thanks for the explanation. Wasn't necessary but was appreciated as I was a frequenter to the the old forum too. And that leads me to the second point - thanks for the archive of the old forum! Frank