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  1. New Link Network Crushed... Apparently

    Joe I agree it doesn't help when SEOs do this, but it's not exactly that hard for Google to go incognito on forums like this one and essentially embed themselves into the SEO markets as an anonymous SEO and glean all the info that way. You can bet that's exactly what they do now. You can bet that people associated with Google are signing up to SEO offers left, right and centre and the SEO offer provider has no clue as to who they are. That's the problem if you offer anything publicly - be it a service or advice. If it's in the public domain, assume Google know about it.
  2. Starting a Biz in the Philippines - Pics

    I've lived for a number of years in Thailand (have a house out there). I've also employed people in Thailand and the Phils. One thing I know: you need someone who is virtually your most-trusted-brother to physically be in the office and crack the whip and essentially be the personification of yourself to ensure things are running the way you want them to. I don't mean someone who claims they will be that person and makes the "right noises" - but someone you trust beyond doubt - that usually means someone from your home country who you've known for years or a close family member if that family member happens to be Phils / whatever country you're setting up in (and then, I don't care if it's family member, you need to trust them - not always the case).
  3. Google has a deal with Firefox as we all know in regards to distributing their search services with the browser. However, perhaps it goes deeper than that...let me explain. I registered a domain name - a fresh domain name that had never been registered before. No history at all. A fresh domain name. Within minutes of registering the domain, I setup hosting for it (on a dedicated server I run). The same day I uploaded a few pages to this domain, including my own visitor stats tools (my own stats, not Google Analytics). The very next morning, I was staggered to see I'd had visitors - two individual IP addresses - both GoogleBots. 48 hours later, these two pages are now in Google's public index. There's no Google Adsense running on these pages. I don't have the Google toolbar installed in Firefox. I didn't link to this domain at all, nor even mention it anywhere online (no need to, it's under construction). I'm in the process of building a website here and didn't even consider it might be indexed before it's mentioned anywhere online, nor do I want an under-construction site indexed anyway. How can Google possibly know about this domain name? Do they have access to newly registered domain names? OR, as I use Firefox (and used Firefox to browse the pages I uploaded), do Google use URL histories from Firefox as a means to help their indexing? If so, shouldn't this be disclosed by Firefox and Google?
  4. Agree - I link out to the top 5000 Alexa sites randomly on my private sites - if they're having to disavow links (sites getting tons of traffic), then I'll worry.
  5. New Penguin Beating Blackhat Technique?

    Yeah, right - like Google can only catch this kind of spam by reading trafficplanet.com..... I saw this post before it was edited. The site was ranking for some MAJOR gaming keywords- you think Google aren't watching the rankings on HIGHLY monetised keywords?
  6. The best advice I can give anyone: generate traffic/revenue outside of Google. It's the most stable advice you can give anyone in regards to marketing in 2012. What works today on Google's SERPs may not work tomorrow. You choose to accept your capricious gains and losses and work within Google, or you do like me and make longer-term more stable plans that rely more on providing (and improving upon) a solid service/product, word of mouth marketing, telesales, guerilla marketing on forums etc.
  7. Price of PPC from Google comes down.

    Until the form factor greatly improves on mobile (an improvement from the tiny virtual keyboards to enter shipping addresses and whatnot), mobiles will generally always be about kicking tyres and "read only" browsing. Google and other advertising companies make a bigger deal about mobile because they just care about clicks, not conversions. However, it's obvious that advertisers and Google are aware of the poorer conversion rates on mobile, hence cheaper clicks.
  8. The one piece of advice I WOULD listen to Google on in 2012 is : build content as if search engines do not exist. That's as counterintuitive as you will get for any SEO, and most people here will disagree but since March 2012, I've built my content 100% around maximising conversions, NOT maximising search engine traffic. Prior to 2012 I was a bit lazy - I figured I could double sales by doubling traffic instead of converting twice as much traffic. Of course I cover the basic on-page SEO techniques - you need your HTML titles, H1 tags etc - but for the content itself, I just think "will this text convert better?". It's also quite liberating not thinking about search engines too.
  9. When and If a Penalty Rolls Off

    Thin affiliate / MFA sites aside, this is either pure propaganda - or simply terrible business advice - from Matt Cutts. A good business is not so reliant on Google traffic.
  10. Can you still rank wordpress blogs?

    I'd be careful only in terms of inbound links - if most of your inbound links are FROM such-and-such a CMS, then that looks like a footprint. I'm sure Google will flag a CMS in terms of inbound links in this way. I'm sure CMS-diversity (for inbound links) is important just like IP diversity.
  11. I wonder if these will go the way of .biz and .info - i.e. be seen as cheap-o/spammy TLDs.
  12. The VERY reason why people fail...

    Desperation demands quick solutions, and that's the problem with desperation. Passion keeps you going on long-term projects and money isn't the be-all-and-end-all when you enjoy what you do - you enjoy the journey. A lot of corny soundbites in this little comment here, but doesn't mean they're any less true.
  13. Have far have Google gone when you get videos like this - talking about how to deal with reconsideration requests about OFF page factors. Seriously, if you showed this video to any SEO even 12 months ago, they'd laugh at the lack of control webmasters have in 2012 and how much TIME Google are asking of webmasters without apology or consideration. Anyone with a grain of common sense would see the situation as untenable and simply see Google as bonus traffic and look at more solid, reliable ways to gain custom.
  14. Just as an update to this (and very much related):- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-20018221 (my emphasis)