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  1. estore4you

    Manual penalty and options

    Regarding the penalty, I more believe that I got it because high PR home page links but who knows. At least it happen when I added some HP links. Regarding the sub domains, what I had on mind was like 1 page sub domain with article optimized for one keyword. It will still have the main website header, footer, menu etc. all links will take to the main site. It's like a page of the main website but it's on sub domain. What I like to know, will these new sub domains be penalized automatically because the main domain is or will they last some time without getting penalized? Now if I have let's say 10 sub domains, will they all get penalized if one gets? Sub domains wont be interlinked but they will be linked to the main site. Let's leave out all the link building factors, I interested to know how the penalized main domain affects new sub domains. If anyone could share opinion on this, please.
  2. Hi guys. I'm finally in the situation where my website got the G manual penalty. I'm not crying or anything as I know that day will come and I have traffic from other sources, so I can live without the G. However, would be nice to get some additional traffic from G as well. I have some ideas and like to know what you guys think about these. It's a brand name domain, an ecommerce site and the first option would be to move it to the new domain, mysite.com to mysite.co.uk and redirect the old site. This isn't the best option as I'm sure the new domain will be penalized soon as well and I'm ending up with 2 penalized sites? Can anyone comment on this? The second option I'm thinking of is to create sub domains, something like keyword.mysite.com, keyword2.mysite.com, all sub domains with the same template as the original site, not at once but one by one. It is quite easy with some plugin to show wp page as sub domain. I know the G sees sub domains as different site. So I'm guessing that G will still rank sub domains, or not? Does anyone has any experience for such situation? Will the domain penalty affect sub domains as well? The third option is to focus to the traffic from other places, which I'm doing anyway
  3. estore4you

    That sneaky re-direct is back.

    I did check it as well, clear history > open google > type into search traffic planet > click on Traffic Planet link and you will get this redirect, image attached Going back or second time all is fine, but clearing history again brings up the redirect again
  4. I like to see some samples and what are the platforms of the sites?
  5. estore4you

    Article spinning service

    I've been using these guys http://www.articlecontentspinners.com/order-now-500word/ for first tier articles. Hope that helps.
  6. estore4you

    Top Article Site Submission Service?

    I'm looking for same thing, any recommendations?
  7. I did an order on Fri, could you please tell me how long it usually takes to finish it? Can I review PR and article before it gets submitted? Thanks
  8. About a week ago I started to use SEO Administrator and so far I like it. It has proxy support and time scheduling.
  9. I got all 1K followers as promised, thanks.
  10. Hopefully I'm not too late... https://twitter.com/estores4you
  11. Would be nice to have some free followers Thanks for free offer.
  12. Market Samurai drives me mad and last week or so I've been looking around for new rank tracker as well. I found that SEO Administrator is very accurate for UK searches. I'm testing it second day and so far I like it. Also you can get it for free if you can provide PR3+ backlink, info here. I hope that helps some one.
  13. I'm using Get Article Pro for scraping/batching/mixing/creating articles, plus I can add keywords/link and it supports bulk spinning TBS and SpinnerChief. Of course the articles are not readable for human but they are unique for G.