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  1. PR Update - Happening Now

    PR is what Google gives the public to gawk at. They don't look at it. They have their mega algorithm to rank stuff, not some 1 number they release to the public. I'm seeing my sites all over the place. One fell from 3 to 1 even though it's 14 years and has never used anything remotely spammy. Kinda sucks to see this on a site that has never been jeopardized in any way. Another site of mine went from 5 to 0. Also legit site. (IT related, relying on credible project footer links/similar.) This has to be temporary... it better be.
  2. What sort of traffic do you get from parasite pages to your money pages? 110,000 search term all the sudden becomes 10,000 search term that brings in 2000 uniques if it ranks, yeah? Because so few people actually click through from parasite pages to money pages. I'm sure it depends on how well the parasite page is structured, but what would you say is typical?
  3. I've seen some PR4-5 domains sold and a few months later they were PR0. I also see some domains that have been parked with a for sale sign for years. Last time they were real sites was 2007, but somehow they are still holding strong to their high PR4-7, high DA/PA. Why? Loss of links is important, but the people who lost PR completely didn't just lose all their links overnight. And they were not using Adsense and kept some distance from Google oversight. Anyone know the most common ways people lose PR like this?
  4. Interested mostly in the PR4s, but could possibly take the lot. PM me details.
  5. Interested in the PR3 and PR4 domains. Please pm me the details so I can review. DC
  6. Starting a Biz in the Philippines - Pics

    His trusted Filipino contacts told him the office manager is 35 and has 15 years experience in the biz. He's just short, is all. I wouldn't sweat it.
  7. Starting a Biz in the Philippines - Pics

    I agree. The odds are stacked against people trying to operate in countries they don't know and this goes triple for corrupt countries where foreigners have fewer rights. The OP says that he is doing everything remotely via good people. Unless those good people are family, there is a very high chance that he is getting marked up and doesn't even know it. It is hard to make money in SE Asia for both locals and for foreigners who move there. What often happens is that the foreigners who make the move there end up getting into scammy businesses that target other foreigners. They start selling condos, timeshares, telemarketing for shady products back home, etc. Even the places that are often seen as reputable such as law firms can often be bordering on being scams in these countries. They only care about you as long as you keep paying those bills. After you're gone, there are plenty more dreamers arriving at the airport to churn and burn. It's almost funny to see daydreaming foreigners come to these countries and flipping the same businesses back and fourth to each other and mostly losing money - the big winner being some of the locals that facilitate transactions. Be careful out there. Make sure the advice you get is honestly impartial - not from people who are making money from you. It can be done, but very few people figure out all the pieces of the puzzle. There is a reason why some outsourcers are actually moving back to dirt cheap middle-america cities. What seems cheap in Phils at first is often not that cheap in the long run. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Starting a Biz in the Philippines - Pics

    That is very impressive. I've been to lots and lots of developing countries (but not Phils) and can only imagine the culture shock for you and trying to get things done over there. I presume this is Manila? I do hire freelancers from Asia, but I always feel like I'm shooting in the dark. All sorts of problems and surprises, all the time. If it's hard to spell out all the tiny details for the project, they almost always fall short in expectations. They know it, too. Many of these Asian freelancers are double and triple dipping clients and their strategy seems to be to over-promise and under-deliver. It's an easy way to get paid more. In contrast, the former USSR republics are a lot better and not that much more expensive. My experience there is reversed: they under-promise and over-deliver. That's my experience anyway... Looking forward to reading your updates... You should post prices and alternatives as well and you might get some actionable feedback.
  9. PM me info as well, DA/PA/etc info if you have it handy as well...
  10. I need some high quality pieces written by semi-pro writers. I'm thinking of using Craigslist and I wanted to see if anyone else had any experience doing this. How did it go? Also, are there any tools that would help me manage my advertisements? I guess I would post in several regions but this could be a pain... not sure which regions to pick...
  11. I will provide the data and information. You decide on the format and layout. Deliverables are: -infographic itself -source file I can change and manipulate myself. (PSD with all the layers/etc.) Please PM examples of infographic work and general pricing. DC
  12. I'm looking for PR5 and PR6 high DA/PA domains. Some high DA/PA PR4s and PR3s may be OK as well. But I'm really hoping to pick up PR5-PR6. Please PM me. DC
  13. 10 tips on buying expired domains

    Excellent writeup! I have a question on the topic also; I am 301 redirecting one domain to a new 'main' site. It is PR3 DA29/PA40. It is in the same niche as my site. Does it make sense to 301 redirect more than 1 domain? If I redirect another PR4 DA50/PA50 domain to this site, is there any benefit to doing so? Or penalties? Is it a problem if 301 redirects are shuffled around like this, or can you keep "trading up" as you find better domains? I was wondering if anyone had any experience/observations doing something along these lines...