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  1. _Richard

    How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    You should not have any problems but if you do let me know and we can probably figure it out and get it working.
  2. No I treat my PBN sites the same way I do my money sites when it comes to content. A PBN is an investment you do not want to kill it by treating the sites poorly and killing that investment.
  3. True that most carts that are dropped are done so before the visitor gives out their contact info or creates an account but there are enough that do so after that makes it worth trying to get them to close the deal.
  4. These three are a good place to start https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11338-6-things-you-must-do-before-you-ever-accept-guest-posts/ https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11516-the-definitive-guide-to-using-guest-blogging-as-a-link-building-strategy/ https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11735-the-top-11-benefits-of-guest-blogging/?
  5. Google does a lot of testing that never makes it to widespread use. It is possible that it is only going to be used on certain types of searches and never roll out to all searches or they have not finished tweaking it yet before a wide spread roll out.
  6. Yes I have a three letter .me domain for the youlrs and it does not really matter on the piwik as long as you have it installed on a server that has decent resources.
  7. They can be good traffic drivers so focus on that and the SEO benefit will follow.
  8. _Richard

    How to auto add local maps embeds en masse?

    Well the price does really matter all that much. If you are not sure you are going to use a tool/service then whether it is $20 or $200 there is no sense in spending the money.
  9. I suppose if nothing else is going on as far as algorithm updates or if you do not see any other problems. However if your site passed Google's mobile friendly test and you have done what you were supposed to do to get ready the mobile index should not really be a problem.
  10. Sounds good. Make sure to keep everything very organized, as the block of spun content gets larger it gets much easier to get confused about exactly where you are the first few times you do it.
  11. Glad it worked out. I had a similar problem awhile back. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out and just said screw it and created the pages with a slightly different url and then used 301s from the old ones.
  12. _Richard

    How can i drive traffic to my site ?

    Not really a new thing it has been going on forever.
  13. When mobile first hits your site one of two things are going to happen. Either your rankings will hold or they will not. If they hold then spending a bunch of time trying to find out when it hit add nothing to your bottom line. If they do not hold and your rankings drop you will have a good idea why that was so again spending time going through your logs is not going to be all that useful.
  14. _Richard

    How to auto add local maps embeds en masse?

    As long as you use it to save yourself some time it is. Not positive what the price is now but I think ~$300 so if you have a list of activities you can automate and save yourself $300 worth of time then it is a good investment. Like all the other tools you can buy they are only going to be worth it if you use them.
  15. Yes they work just fine together I have both of them installed on quite a few sites and have not had any problems.