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  1. Hi Joe Looks like an AWESOME service, made an order. Hope to see some really good PR syndication. Thanks Ishan Gupta
  2. ishanguptaa


    Alright So something is certainly going on cause 30 of my sites got de-indexed today as well. They were a part of the private network and was getting some content on daily basis. Do you guys thing that Google has become smart enough to see that though the content is high quality they all do not belong to the same niche r something.. Or somebody added his site for re-consideration and my sites were linking to them? There can be quite a few possibilities, but I am okie if Google is still a dumbass which cannot figure out my site via a bot crawl. Looking forward to all your comments. Regards Ishan
  3. Here is an advice that worked great for me "Instead of going a mile wide into different online opportunities, go an inch deep into the one you are good at. " or something like this - Terry Kyle It was almost a year back when I purchased my half an hour with Terry Kyle session. I was going through crisis and was making just a couple 100 bucks online. I asked him for a final advice a the end of the session and this is that he said to me. I literally followed it. I am good at SEO and that's what I built on. Today I am pretty comfortable and running a team of 11 colleagues who are pretty good at IM. Launched a company in US as well . So Thanks Terry... You rock @ KingMonkey: Bro you have no freaking Idea how much money there is to be made online... and how much everyone can make.. its insane man... Just keep working hard .. keep working smart and push in the right direction. Pick up a business plan and stick to it.. don't drop it if it doesnot turn out good until you have mastered it.. "If somebody is making money of it.. then so can I" -- Ishan Gupta
  4. Hi GUys I would like to sell one of my Private Networks of 50 PR 3 domains. Each and every domain have 100s and 1000s of Backlinks in their backlink Profile. SEOMoz PA of all the domains is above 20. Some are as old as 12-15 years and a few are only 1-2 years old. 50 Domains are currently on 50 different Shared Hosting accounts all over the world. If somebody is interested they can PM me. Please don't waste your and mine time by PMing me if you are not really looking for such big network and want only a couple of domains. This is a high Quality network and I am selling it because I need some quick cash. The Price of the network is $14 K. It took us more than 4 months to build a high quality network like this. Monthly cost of 50 shared hostings is under $200. Only 2-4 domains have been dropped before rest all are non-dropped domains.
  5. Thread unsubscribed... The guy is getting on my nerves now .. ARVolund.. please go ahead and delete this thread.. its really of no use here.. many people will come to it and waste there time..
  6. Business would be: www.mixergy.com, www.kissmetrics.com, so on so forth.. I would like to know the niche your friends are ranking in and if you don't mind then keyword as well.. and I can give you an exact answer why he has been ranking there for so long. If you have been ranking sales letters for 15 months I would say you already know most about SEO.
  7. @ MattW: Thanks for the laugh bro.. Enjoyed your comment there... @theonewiththegoldensword: Matt is actually right man.. I have ranked these 1 page, 5 Page and 10 Page sites... over and over again.. But they will get bummed one way or the other.. If you are looking to build a good online business than yes quality is the king and that's how big industries do it.. Ofcourse by long term we mean YEARS and not days.. I have made decent money by doing the quick buck things and now even I am moving towards long term online businesses.. Just like Terry mentioned in his latest Sunday videos.. Gist: One page is gonna rank just until Google notices it and makes a fix to it, I won't put my kids livelihood on it. I am still doing it for my clients and myself but at the same time moving to things which will work in future.
  8. What are the sites that are over-ranking you Nic.. are they high authority informational sites. If not then they have done SEO which is working better then yours. Just go through there backlink profile and see from where they are getting their links(Though I am pretty certain you have done this a couple of times already).. Most probably you will be able to find similar sources. If you need help in terms of VA let me know , being in India I might be able help you with a guy who can work for you according to your requirements.
  9. Thanks ARVolund.. Good info but a bit vague for a guy like me who really want to get into the specifics.. If you can help me understand: 1. How many levels to a pyramid you generally make. 2. What kind of links at what level for eg: Level 1 can be guest posts, High PR blog posts, Press releases, LEVEL 2: wikilinks, web 2.0 properties, Next Level Scrapbox and xrumer blasts,, 3. What would be your starategy if you would want to rank for say keyword "cheap baby clothes " I know you use a lot of automation: is it senukex, sicksubmitter,,or some custom submission tools.. Dude.. I am not that SEO savy but I am still making decent buck in this industry I wonder what I can do with your knowledge.. May be rank on top for so many precious keywords in so many countries LOVE SEO as opportunities are endless for people who have even half a brain.. just like me
  10. Thanks ARVolund for your helpful reply.. Fake monetization is one point that I really didn't think about.. thanks for that as well I will be linking more or less a particular set of clients and money sites.. but yes there will be log of quality posts and a lot of authority sites will be linked from these posts.. I am pretty sure you have a blog network of yourself.. How many sites do you think are enough to handle a few medium competition keywords.. Please PM me if you like . Quite honestly I have always wondered how you rank your clients or money sites.. Some high pr blog posts(may be form guest blogging)and lot of second and 3rd tired links form web 2.0, a bunch of good PressReleasess as well and stuff.. can you just give a brief idea??
  11. can you shed some more light on 1 OBL sites.. I read it at a place somewhere that they can help you with crazy tough keywords as well.. Do you do them purposefully to rank or purposefully to stay away from Google's wrath.. Thanks in advance.. @all... Guys I am aware of a couple of mistakes that I made.. so don't need any help on identifying that what was the reason for de-indexing.. But It would be really really help if you could suggest me any other precaution I can take apart from the mentioned below..
  12. @nicbos: What would have I done if I was you and if this site is making me a ***** load of money: I would buy 50-200 aged domains with decent PR which would cost me about 7-10K(one time).. put them on different IP addresses which would cost me about 200-400 USD a month. Get my team to make them good on-topic Italian websites.. or related websites.. and then use them for link building for my eCommerce sites. And then backlink the first tier links creating 2nd tier and 3rd tier.. PLus some social signals devided among all the domains plus money site.. This would be quite a effort but I am sure If I do that then I would relly be ranking on top for my keywords.. But if you are not making that much money bro.. Then keep getting backlinks from english sites but at the same time see where your competitors are getting the backlinks from.. I am sure they won't be 100% whitehat so you can manipulate those sources as well.. I think even if 5-10%of your total sites are from Italy that would give you much better ranking.. Now coming back to: Brand links means having backlinks either as "bare links" i.e url only.. Or by the name of the website(your brand).. Or Your page title .. etc.. Getting Brand links along with some social activity where people are mentioning your keyword and brand names (also known as citation) helps in ranking a lot these days..
  13. @nicbos: I never really bother to take down the bad links.. because in my case its not only time consuming but also next to impossible. All I do is leave that particular keyword alone for a while and start building more branded backlinks. At the end of the day I think linkbuilding is about balance and to restore that balance we need more and more qualtiy BRAND links with social signals...
  14. actually I know what was wrong with them.. Most of the domains were spread over 5 IP addresses only and a few of them were getting spun content.. others were getting all original but were still being used for the purpose of link building. The de-indexing did tell me one thing for sure that its all 100% manual.. There were 50 domains overall out of which only 1 was left indexed and that one I was using as a company site.. rest were used for link building If it was algorithmic then even the last one would have been de-indexed.. there is really no way to differentiate. I am thinking of building a new network.. and would love to get some advice as to what things I should keep in mind. Please add on to this list: 1. I will be hosting the aged domains over 50 shared hosting companies.. I already have the list with me and have contacted all of them atleast once to verify the IP, subnet and location diversity. 2. I will be buying the aged domains with the maximum 1 drop. 3. The aged domains will have minimum PR of 2 and maximum of 4. 4. I will be buying aged domains getting backlinks form atleast 5-10 different IP addresses. 5. The will have all private name servers and will be hosted with the host itself giving it the maximum diversity and no footprint. 6. These domains and the posts on these domains will be getting constant backlinks from a few automated backlinking services. I think I should be able to get about 50 aged domains setup just under 3K- 3.5K... If I am missing anything please let me know so that I can make this thing the best possible deal to get some solid rankings...
  15. Hi Guys I had about 50 aged domains and I noticed today that all of them are now de-indexed... Has anyone noticed any de-indexing going around???..