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  1. I think micro or mini sites also need more push than earlier. I am going to try to rank a site with a few pages. Will update as to how it would rank with some blog posts.
  2. RockstarSEO

    Panda 4 Launched on 20th may 2014

    Yeah its all over. I have seen some sites go down hard. Its like even penguin is included in this update secretly
  3. RockstarSEO

    Google Authorship

    Yeah i also would like to know how it would be to add the company logo for business corporates.
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  5. If anybody wants the list with PR. Here you go - http://abcarticledirectory.com,3 http://www.articlecell.com,3 http://www.articledashboard.mk,1 http://www.articledition.com/,N/A http://www.articlehotline.com/articles/,0 http://www.articletrunk.com,1 http://www.beauty.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.business.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.cars.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.computer-programming.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.debt-consolidation-loans.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.directorys.uniquearticles.info,0 http://earticlesonline.com,0 http://www.environment.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.ezinearticledirectory.net/,0 http://www.ezinearticles.mk,2 http://farandwidetravel.com/,1 http://www.finance.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://www.firstclassarticles.com,1 http://www.gowebzines.com,0 http://www.health.freearticledirectories.com,N/A http://healthandwellnesscentral.com,3 http://www.incomemark.com,2 http://www.lartys.com/,N/A http://www.myaddirectory.com,N/A http://www.myadspost.com,1 http://my-garden-hose.com,1 http://www.online-experts-reviews.com/Article-directory/,N/A http://www.recipes-indian.com/,1 http://www.religion.freearticledirectories.com/,N/A http://www.retirementlivingarticledirectory.com,1 http://www.search.myadspost.com,N/A http://www.sustainhealtharticles.com,1 http://tiptop-articles.com/,0 http://www.triplexarticles.com/,N/A http://www.urarticles.com/,2 http://www.webcitymarketing.com/articles/,N/A http://www.wellnessarticlelibrary.com/,2 http://workathomefair.com/articles/,N/A http://writerspenarticledirectory.com,2 http://wsarticles.com/,0 http://www.yugler.com,2
  6. RockstarSEO

    Panda Recovery

    Well there was a panda update recently so thats how he is saying that
  7. RockstarSEO

    New Penguin Beating Blackhat Technique?

    Mr Matt might be reading this thread and he would be gone soon! No good to out anybody
  8. RockstarSEO

    Panda Recovery

    might be a dance.. you could try waiting for sometime
  9. RockstarSEO

    Getting Unnatural Link Warning All The Times

    that might be a 301 redirect which might die soon
  10. RockstarSEO

    Page Rank Update November 2012

    not yet mate,,, but its coming up soon
  11. RockstarSEO

    When is the next Google PR update

    Well wait for a week.. I believe its going to happen this week
  12. RockstarSEO

    Can I get some votes on logo

    #7 by vicafo
  13. RockstarSEO

    Israel the Startup Nation

    Maybe you should checkout the reality