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  1. @Initial Effort: Just placed another 2 orders of 50 posts each.
  2. I just ordered 4 press releases through this service and was very happy with the results. Very professional communication, fast turnaround times and good distribution. I'll definitely order from Joe again!
  3. @Initial Effort : Just to nofitfy you - I placed another order for 100 credits yesterday.
  4. Just placed my first order for 50 posts. Thanks to Terry for recommending this.
  5. This domain has been sold. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I have a 7 Year old valid PR6 domain for sale. Here is are some more details - - It used to be a government related site - The backlink profile includes links from .gov and .edu domains - It has multiple links from Wikipedia - The SEOMoz Domain Authority is 51 - The domain has 0 drops - It has a DMoz listing. I bought this domain recently for $799, but I need some emergency cash now, so I'm selling it for a loss at $600. Please PM me if you are interested and I'll give you the name of the domain. Thanks Chris
  7. Here's another example of a thin sniper style site that is still sitting pretty: www.mikegearyreviews.com (has been in the top 10 for the keyword "mike geary" for a while). Apart from the fact that it has no affiliate links whatsoever on it, I can't see any reason why that site would not be slapped silly.
  8. I lost about 30 EMD's and 2 authority sites in the Penguin update and since then I've only created 1 new EMD site. This site is less than 3 months old, it's ugly as hell and it only has 1 x 700 word article on the homepage, but it's still sitting there in the top 10 for its keyword where it always was. The only thing noteworthy about this site is that I haven't put any affiliate links on it (which I think could be a big factor). This update has to be about a lot more than just exact match domains, because if you think about it, every website is an EMD for some keyword. Trafficplanet.com is an EMD for "Traffic Planet", chriscronje.com is an EMD for "Chris Cronje", truthaboutabs.com is an EMD for "truth about abs" etc. and yet I knew that those sites would still be number 1 for their keywords before I even checked...why is that? Perhaps the fact these keywords are "brand names" makes a difference, but there has to be other onpage and offpage factors as well.
  9. I'm just wondering if there is some kind of technical problem as a result of the iframe. I've been looking around but can't find anything that suggests so. I'd be careful with this technique though, because it's effectively cookie stuffing.
  10. Here you go: I think Tumbleweed would have been a more appropriate name for this update.
  11. I'm looking for a good aged domain with PR that I can use for a new photography site. The type of domain names that could work well are: - Personal names like bobsmith.com. - Generic brandable domain names like abc.com - Any generic photography related domain names like photography.com Ideally the domain should have a good backlink profile and be older than 5 years. Please PM me if you have any domain for sale that you think will fit the above profile? Thanks Chris
  12. I know it's probably too early to ask this, but I'm wondering - Let's your rankings dropped by 10 positions as a result of over optimization of achor text, is this some kind of penalty that will be hard to recover from or can you recover by building more links with varying anchor text to fix the over optimization? Any ideas on this?
  13. How Long Does The Negative Link Penalty Last?

    I agree with Heurn23, it's more likely that your rankings just dropped because Google discounted a bunch of the links you used to rank with, so now you need to build some new links to replace those. How far did you drop in the rankings? If it's exactly 50 or 100 places or so it could be some kind of penalty though.
  14. Has anybody tried traffictesters.com? It seems to be a good way to find non-google traffic sources. Here's an example of the type of reports they produce:
  15. The Future of SEO Post Feb 2012?

    Great post Terry. I'm just curious - why do you say "the less YouTube videos, the better"?