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  1. one of my goal in 2015 was to hit 80k revenues for my company and another goal of mine was to hit 10k passive income from authority site !
  2. Traffic is very low starting from 1st Dec onward and is getting less than 1k visitors per day. This is due to the holidays season and people are going oversea that is why less people are reading the food blog. I will be doing a list post again on second week of DEC, lets see.
  3. Last week i tried to re-post my old "list post" type of content and i am able to increase my daily traffic from 1.5k visitors per day to around 3000 visitors per day. As usual the re-post of the content was done on facebook and it went viral again. I only pay about $20 to boost the post and i earn back from my adsense. Will be testing more on this again.
  4. Hey Dave thanks! i am currently working on that and start selling banner ads to local business!
  5. I started to re-post my old "list post" content on social on the weekend. The post on facebook went viral with 85 shares and is still ongoing. Total traffic for sat and sun is around 6000 visitors. Not bad for a re-post on old content.
  6. Hey Everyone, Starting from today i will be will be doing a case study on how to growth hacking my authority site to 250k visitors per month. This sound an ambition plan and i will be giving myself 24 months to make it happen. The reason why i sharing this is i feel more motivated after declaring my goal in public. Introduction of my authority site 18 months ago i started a local authority site targeting food niche. In Oct the site broke the record visitors of 100k visitors, here is the project log i started since 2013. 65% of the traffic come from google for the past 9 months (from Jan to sept 14) In oct i improved my list post strategy and broke the 100k visitors in oct 14. My Goal for the next 3 months I will be setting short terms for this case study Create more list post type of content by reusing old content. Increase my email list from 600 to 1000 Increase the user engagement on facebook and instagram Focusing on building social media traffic rather than just rely on SEO. To my success!
  7. Best Online Tool To Test On-page SEO Of Website?

    I am using website auditor and screaming frog
  8. Mobile Adsense

    Does anyone know how to create mobile AdSense ads like this? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s276/sh/6fa936f2-d929-4b90-91e7-18888920d4b7/5a620ca75475ee7b167d8fc39a63e2e4
  9. Thank you I am using target audience campaign and it seems to working very well for me
  10. Hi Guys, Is this a good stats for FB ads? I am not sure because i am new to fb ads.
  11. You can try using SEO powersuite rank checker. I am using it and very good