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  1. comScores 2010 estimates Google: 34,000 searches per second (2 million per minute; 121 million per hour; 3 billion per day; 88 billion per month, figures rounded) Source
  2. BuzzBox

    Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    It took you what... 15 minutes to think up that little extra you edited into your post? The only thing scary is your lack of logic. Anyway, I'll leave the stage to you Stevie boy, I've better things to waste my time on.
  3. BuzzBox

    Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    That you're a wife beater?... you're welcome..
  4. BuzzBox

    Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    what a strange statement,, to try and connect 2 so dissimilar things, makes no sense. Bit like saying what are the odds you're a wife beater...
  5. BuzzBox

    Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    All I could think of as I read that was what a slimy low life you are....where's a truck when you need one.
  6. Nope, not at all. You're completely missing the point that these were adwords campaigns that had run for months, with the approval of the adwords quality team. The retroactive bans were mostly based on niche
  7. We're talking PPC i.e. Adwords here. Nothing to do with ranking.
  8. So you would think.. but they did and are still doing it... I was spending mid 5 figures/mth, and my mentor was doing 5 times that a month. We all got the can. Nothing dodgy, all approved campaigns until Google decided that particular niche was no longer suitable for their ad network.
  9. They've been retroactively banning. So if you ran a campaign that was approved at one stage - think CB diet products - but now warrants their displeasure, you'll more than likely get an email banning you for running that campaign, despite the fact it may have been 1-2 years ago. Total wankers.
  10. Any ALN domains that were in other networks will be affecting that networks stats as the ALN domains get removed.
  11. Posts still not going out Maulana and have been stuck on 0 for 2+ days now. It's not a matter of slow posting but more zero posting. So when is it going to be fixed?
  12. No posts have been made since ALN became ALN 2.0 The queue is getting longer and longer and no update. Love the mushroom feeling.
  13. BuzzBox

    The Link Juice Network

    Regged..waiting for response
  14. But how are you going to test this without waiting months and months?. All current blogs are "poisoned", so to speak. So this test will only really be applicable to new blogs. Going on current de-indexation rates over past few days ( both mine and others I've spoken too) ALN is probably around 13k blogs right now, and will keep falling until Google calls it quits and/or new blogs are added faster then the number de-indexed. Only then will this "posting limit" test be able to be truly tested, and that is a few months off IMO. So in the meantime we've all lost 50% of our linking ability i.e. 50% of our investment. As some one suggested if you want to post 1/3 blanks, then at least return posts to 15 so we're only 30% worse off and not 50%.
  15. Wouldn't do a thing, other then have every service provider pull their bogs. As long as you have trackbacks, you can trace the network with ease.