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  1. Hello 1 quick question.... Where is the content for the articles coming from where the links are placed? Is it spun content?
  2. Yes I agree, the price is very good even at 39.67$ considering lead pages is 37$ a month. I will definitely get it... thanks for the tip
  3. Did you get a single license? I see the single license is 29$ (1 domain ) and unlimited domains is 39.67$
  4. Penguin 3 Released

    I am facing the same issue here. Have sites that have almost exact same link profiles, same onpage and they are in the same niche. Some of the sites have dropped from page 1 to page 100+ and some have remained in the same positions.
  5. Penguin 3 Released

    So from what you have seen, what are your conclusions in terms of anchor text density?
  6. Penguin 3 Released

    Well, I'm monitoring around 10 different niches and I have to say that I haven't seen any bigger update in at least a year. I don't think that it can by anything else than Penguin 3.0. They were supposed to release it last week, I guess they released it today. They always release it on Fridays ...
  7. I noticed that penguin 3.0 has been released. Have seen ranking shiftings in almost all my sites in many different niches and in my opinion it has been the biggest penguin update so far. Are you guys seeing the same as me?
  8. Expired Domain Question??

    I wouldn't pay more than 80-100$ depending of the strenght of the backlinks
  9. Malicious 301redirect

    Has anybody actually had any results from the disavow tool? I thought it was there to help Google and that it actually does not do anything besides that
  10. It depends from where you buy them..... I have had them drop in the past but that is because I bought them from the wrong sellers I order them all at once usually within 2 days... everytime I create a new page I order around 5 K and out of 5 K around 500 will drop over time so I will end up with around 4 - 4.5K after ordering 5K
  11. Chances are that my attacker is reading this, by telling it openly he would figure out new ways of attacking my sites...
  12. I have over 100 fan pages with purchased likes, around 5 K likes on each page and never had any problems
  13. I buy likes for social proof.. and these always tend to stick so it depends where you buy them
  14. Yes that is right, I lost at least 2K of income during these 2 days because of the attacks but comparing that to losing rankings and potentially the whole site really is nothing since most of the traffic to this site is SEO based and comes from 1 keyword. I'm actually glad that the losses were not bigger. Also I learned how to block such thing which will come in handy in the future... so actually the losses were worth the knowledge I gained from this experience
  15. Well not really, but it is a very competetive niche and the site is ranking #2..... I believe that it is some competitor that is doing it to slow down the site so it drops in rankings I have however finally figuered out a way to block the attacks...