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  1. Panda 4.0 is out , we are waiting for Penguin 3. Its quite abvious that these two updates are related in some ways. Panda is to deal with the content, layout structure , outbound linking etc. Penguin deal with inbound links , anchor text , ratio of links , types of links etc. There are lot of buzz around co citation and co occurrence. Many discussions are going on about the future of anchor text links and its importance. Any ways its time to think out of box. As we all started including social signals in our SEO strategy, it is worth the effort to include co-citation or co occuring links. Co-citation This is one of the most mis represented SEO term. As per wiktionary "The simultaneous linking to each of a group of webpages from each of another group of webpages, even though the members of the group do not link to each other; used by some search engines to establish a connection between related pages." As per SEW Link freely to other highly authoritative websites in the space (i.e., relevant). Don't link to bad neighborhoods The words around your links matter Link juice flows backwards as well as forward As per Catalyst Co-citation is about a site/brand ranking for a competitive keyphrase without appearing to target it. Another interesting read about this topic is from seobysea Co occurance Co-occurance is been mis understood as co citation even by big SEO companies. It is explained in detail at SEJ and Bluecorona and seobysea Based on these studies, we have created a tiny online utility to include keywords and URLs in generic statement which can be used along with the articles used for backlinking. Purpose is to avoid anchortext over optimization, build raw links still with keywords wrapped around it. Search engines are getting smarter in understanding the meaning of a sentence and gauging the links accordingly. Have a look at http://setoolz.com/bl/ , its currently in beta but still you might get an idea of what we are trying to do. We have started using this extensively in our SEO packages.
  2. Great points here! Does anyone have good recommendations for local SEO tools, I need to find places where i can do NAP listing (unfortunately i have few clients from NON US/UK/AUS)
  3. several "area info" sites. - any sample , without giving much of your details would be helpful !
  4. What is your best traffic source?

    I would like to list down few other non google traffic sources here. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Relevent forums Banner advertisements on high traffic blogs Guest posting on high traffic blogs Relevent Blog comments on popular blogs
  5. what i mean is , if i am targeting a word "Video optimization technique" , i would name my video Video_optimization_technique_2014.mp4 or "Video optimization technique 2014.mov" . Then upload it . Still you need to follow the other optimization tips. Also these are not madatory to rank your videos , but it helps
  6. It is also a posibility that no one have worked on videos , but chances are rare and for me its not worth taking that risk, so I will identify a keywords which have a slot available on SERP. Along with our above efforts , those vidoes get ranking in YT too. Few other points you can note are .. 1. You can try to comment on some high PR YT vidoes linking back to your vidoe 2. Make sure you embed your videos to as many web 2 as possible, not just creating a link back... 3. If you are getting comments by yourself, try to get comments with your keyword variations in it. 4. While you upload the video , make sure it is named as your keyword (repeating again since it is very important) 5. Adding following words in title might help you to get a spot “How to†or “Tutorial†or "Video" or “DIYâ€
  7. In Google SERP , they have reservations for htmls , videos, blogs, articles. But its not mandatory that every keywords have a reserved spot for all of those. I was not able to crack that part of it. So what i do is if that particular keywords is not havinga any videos in the SERP , i will skip and move on to next keyword. Its more easy to compete with those existing videos rather than making a new spot on SERP.
  8. I just want to make it short and sweet.. This is what you need to rank your videos on Google , most of the steps are applicable for youtube too. 1. identify whether you have a slot available in google SERP for videos for your selected keyword YOu may need to search with your keyword (with slight variations) to see whether any other videos are showing up in SERP. If there is no videos shown , There is very little you can do about it, move on to another keyword. If you see a video then its time to optimize your video to get it ranked. 2. Analysis your competitors video Go and check your competitors video which is listing on SERP , find out how keywords are placed in title , description and tags. Find out number of comments, likes, views, dislikes. 3. Go and create your video Creating video is not so difficult, you can even convert your powerpoint presentation to a video, as long as its a bit informative , you are good to go. 4. Disable statistics Don't give information to your competitors for free , just disable it for public. 5. Optimize your video Now its time to apply the research you have done on step 2. Make sure your video title , description and tags have your keywords at the begining. Name your video with your keyword term before uploading. Make sure you have detailed descritpion , this is one mistake people do. have your moneysite link in description. You just need to use http:// to convert it to a link. Get some comments, views, likes, and backlinks. There are so many places where you can get likes for cheap prices. Be careful not to over do it. Get some backlinks to your videos also try to embed your videos in WEB 2 sites you create for backlinks. That is all , if you do it right , enjoy your free traffic , make sure you have a nice squeeze page so you convert your youtube visitors well.
  9. Brad, Thanks for your linkprivacy link .. I am currently testing another paid tool which serve the same purpose on some of my sites. This could be helpful to reduce footprints.
  10. Very true , just to add more , instead of selecting one , select 2 methods and try to master it and stick to it . It helps to reduce the risk. Also it would be best if you select 2 skills which are mutually beneficial.
  11. Do affiliate sites still rank ???

    I think major affliates already move to PPV and PPC model (and social) which is more sustainable.
  12. I don't think there is anything called "risk free guarantee" in LIFE
  13. reminds me about an old post http://www.pivotcomm.com/how-to/5-white-hat-seo-tricks-still-work
  14. When it comes to online clients, backlinks should be reported back , just a detailed XLS is much welcomed by my client. Tab seperated sheet makes it very easy to present. when it comes to offline clients, they really don't bother about backlinks , they just need to see how much traffic they get , From where they are getting the traffic, what people are doing on their website, what is the bounce rate , what is the ranking improvement etc..
  15. Infographics looks great, if you had written the same content here, it might not have got this many eyeballs.