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  1. Get all your pages indexed, do you have a product feed? If so turn into tweets and use a twitter scheduler to post on a few twitter accounts you don't use, not your branded twitter account, this should get your social signals going and get a lot of your pages indexed and a small boost to your rankings. If you have a large product range, consider creating your own affiliate style websites with the feed, don't use wordpress, open cart or magento, changing the Buy Now button to Find Out More, then it clicks into the product page, that's another link to all your product, I build a site like this www.mhath.es I even went as far as to convert the product into another language so the titles and description are different.
  2. Easily track 1000 keywords in any Google search engine in the trial
  3. Hi Guys, I'd like to get feedback on our new search engine ranking position Accuranker.com This is most advanced and accurate SERP reporting tool on the market with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools integration. We've set the trail account to the Semi Pro and also offering a smaller account for free beyond the trial period. Give it a try and let me know what you think
  4. boydie

    Tax and Seo Leads

    Yeah, SEO leads, how hot are they?
  5. Is anyone doing intern youtube SEO, ie seeing what internal searches your video is showing up for and then optimizing for those terms? I'm currently in the process of benchmarking so videos for a client and then going to try and increase the position
  6. boydie

    PR6 Backlinks

    dodged, thanks
  7. Mix it up, the main thing is to grow the number of ip addresses that point to your site in a controlled and quality manner
  8. Matt will never tell you how to game Google, he will answer a technical question but nothing directly about SEO
  9. retweets work great for getting content indexed in minutes, getting retweets is hard unless you have a lot of accounts
  10. there is an open source rank tracker called seopanel.in it's decent and free, other than that I use Traffic Travis/Link Assistant and AWR
  11. If your ever using the term "blast" never to it to your money site, buy some decent themed PR posts and blast them
  12. boydie

    .edu links - whats the deal?

    Another point I should make, getting a blog comment on a .edu is worth nothing, the links need to be good
  13. boydie

    .edu links - whats the deal?

    .edu sites are important to get into your linking mix, look at what seomoz and majesticseo are counting, they got that info from somewhere
  14. boydie

    Life as a corporate SEO manager?

    They don't do much I've worked for a long list of UK hotel chains, car rental brokers and travel agents and the actual SEO that they get is poor, I went freelancing 2 years ago and offered clients actual touchable KPI's and they all moved to me, the only problem with this is now that the clients know what to expect they want it cheaper and move it in house earlier, which will be why agencies don't give away to much.