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  1. One lens per account? That's a smart way to limit your risk, but do you have any concerns about that approach "raising eyebrows" internally? Even though you're creating a high-quality content lens, by your own admission (somewhere on this forum), you're limiting Squidoo's potential to earn ad revenue in favor of your own affiliate links. Don't get me wrong Logan, I like the way you think re: monetizing Squidoo ... I'm just wondering whether the strategy leaves any footprints. My strategy is still developing, but I don't see myself having 100's of lenses in any account. For my main account (which I recently started creating lenses for again), my goal is to limit the number of lenses to 25. In pursuing that goal, I plan to use my other profiles to group lenses by niche.
  2. Why not run some search terms from the 2 popular profitable niches + your hybrid niche through G's Insights for Search first to see what it gives you up in terms of interest over time, areas of regional interest and related searches? You might have to run through it a few times (to see if there's any interest in the sub-niche and where it's coming from), but it will probably generate more keyword ideas for you to run through G's Keyword Tool & evaluate. After making money in the grow taller and mens platform shoes niches, I believe you can make money in almost any niche.
  3. Matthew I take my hat off to you .. you are THE monster of lens creation! How are things going for you with this case study?
  4. I have a few non-fiction ideas that I want to pursue (I'm looking at one at this moment) , but I have a question about researching demand for a topic: do you focus on what topics are doing well/sales ranking in just Kindle books or do you look at hardcover/paperback books in that are doing well on Amazon in general? I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks! Update 1/22/13: I chose a niche topic that I'm very interested in and is doing well in Kindle. I looked at the search results under relevancy, the sales rankings for existing ebooks in the main category and I see an opportunity to position the book to do well. I've decided to write the book myself. Yes, it will take longer (than it would if I outsourced it), but I won't have to worry about the quality of the content. I've already drafted the outline and just finished the draft of the introduction. Next up, draft chap. 1 and continue writing until I've completed it. Good luck to everyone with their Kindle book projects.
  5. Actually your account becomes dormant and gets assessed a $10 (US) dormant account fee. Of course if your account has a balance of zero $$, CJ won't hit you up for the fee. [Note: CJ sends a notice 30 days before they put your account in dormant status] You can get your account reactivated online or you can call CJ client support.
  6. Not only would I build out the site before applying to become an affiliate of a specific merchant's aff. program, I would also sign-up/get approved for one of their competitor's aff. program before applying for the CJ merchant's program. Some CJ merchant's manually approve their affiliates (others do it automatically), so it only makes good biz sense to present a nicely developed site that's already monetized in their niche.
  7. Be careful taking the product "scam" approach with your affiliate promotions ... some merchants on Clickbank are warning affiliates against using this method, because it doesn't really add any value to their product(s).
  8. XRay

    Free Godaddy Stuff

    Thanks for the tip Richard. +1
  9. XRay

    Where to find content?

    You've dropped some excellent tips in this thread Richard (btw, I tried to add rep to your posts, but couldn't .. maybe I don't have enough posts yet). Any chance of you creating & posting a tutorial here on how you get these forum members to create content for you?
  10. XRay

    Where to find content?

    You can always use Google images, but if you want better looking images across wide variety of categories, check out Fotolia. I've bought 6 photo images to use in blog posts from them this year and will definitely buy from them again.
  11. This is very interesting. Since one of the PubSubHubbub hubs - Superfeedr - publishes content updates from Tumblr, I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to use Tumblr as your own article directory (for original articles). What do you guys think?
  12. If I can, I use 3 text links in a blog post. Beginning, middle and end. I also place links in product images (people do click on them ).
  13. http://thebestspinner.com/compare/ - free online duplicate content checker.
  14. Google considers domains with dashes a "strong spam signal" (per the general guidelines document) and might trigger a human review, so I would avoid wasting any time & money registering one.
  15. XRay

    Using web 2.0 for SEO

    Excellent point! I think we can get more out of a web 2.0 link (or at least not get it flagged as spam) if we make the blog or page look like we're trying to add some value there.