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    Fortune 500 SEO Ideas

    I have seen many different ways to work and I guess it is just a matter of seeing what works. I have seen many use pumper sites, like PR3-6 blogs, static pages and the likes, looking proffesional and with anything from 4 pages to 40 pages. These then link to the main money site and these pumpers are hit with all sorts of high PR links, from blog networks, HPBL etc. It is a better insurance to do it this way and try to avoid anyone else doing any link building to the money site, always try to use pumpers, more expensive but a big budget will sort this nicely and give a lot more protection to the site. Also, may seem pretty basic, but look at what the competitors are doing. This is obviously going to be a lot more in depth than for a normal affiliate site but check the teirs and how they are operating and if it is working replicate and do it better.
  2. Haha go Styx!! Googlealchemist, youre wrong it's always the tool, the tool using the tool
  3. Totally uncomparable!! How can you compare a HPBL network of say 50 sites (with a footprint very possible) and ALN, all the same setup but over a larger blog network of about 20k sites to a tool that posts to X number of blog platform sites. Yes they have a footprint i.e. hosted on wordpress.com or similar but if you think that a large platform like that or others are all going to be hit and devalued based on SEO spam then you need to think a little more about what you believe. A lot of the big ones are heavily moderated to cut back on spam and there are a lot of blogs on there by normal people just blogging or companies hosting their blogs. Its about as plausable as you catching a fish hey?? Sorry that came to my head so had to say it
  4. Or you could just search online and find the code to put directly into your htaccess file.
  5. Fixer

    Just A Random Rant

    For me number 2 is the one to go for. 301 will pass the penalty eventually then you will have wasted time (although it will gain rankings quicker it will get penalised quickly too). If it is a good site with good conversions etc then starting over is not worth it, using the old sites content will not cause any issues as long as it was good.
  6. Fixer

    Blog Nets Still Work

    ^^^^Agree with this. Too many people just go running for the hills thinking SEO is all over, to those people...just keep running. The only issue with the old blog networks (this goes for the old homepage backlink networks too) are that they were badly setup and done on the cheap. Now better networks are rising up and they are built better and still work. I have sites using a couple good networks and they are ranking great, also have sites using my homepage network and they are doing equally as well. The thing is that if something is hit people run scared from it, rather than waiting for the next evolution that effectively has the same impact as they always did. People just need to test things for themselves and not listen to all the others, it is always advisable to try to do what others are not and you will get ahead!!
  7. Not sure I agree or see the logic here. Why would you target the secondary keyword less than the main keyword? Agree with the other diversifying factors although I am now, and always have, targeted a lot more keywords per page. So a single page will have 2 or 3 main keywords and then 5-7 other related keywords (preferably with the main keywords within them) and this helps with diversity even more.
  8. Yeah I am going to do this with a real competitive niche, set up 3 sites and test different ways. The idea is to get top 3 with one of them and the others to page 2, then at the next update if the one at the top is hit the others should improve and then could quickly push them to the top. I think this could be key when hitting competitive bigger money sites, a bit of insurance against changes.
  9. Based on the title and content of this thread, I will go with yes!!
  10. Looks like a good update for us A few movers within our network but all in all only 1 domain that needs to be replaced!!
  11. I see them on domain tools. There is no real difference from experience, although sites with drops are more likely to drop their PR as thy are noted as a drop. The main thing you need to focus on, especially with your own private network, is get domains with good backlinks as is is where the power is of them. Although if you want to get a domain for its age and want to repurpose it then it would be best to go for a non-drop domain as it will keep its age (or more likely to).
  12. Saying that spun content and automation are out is just the type of sweeping statement that has nothing real to back it up and fuels the whole "***** SEO is dead what do we do now" type thing batted around all over the place now. If people are going to believe this great, all the more easier for the rest of us!!
  13. Man don't worry about it. You will probably just be worrying about something that will never happen. Alternatively you set up a second site and try to rank that also, at least you are making it twice as difficult for anyone to come along and wreck your business. Keep the adwords then during the time you need to work on rankings if the worst happens then just up the budget, easy to say but I know this is not currently a major issue. If something like this does happen then obviously one of your competitors has done it so do it to everyone on the page one. Then within a month or two evey site on the interweb will have a negative campaign going
  14. Alternatively this could be someone from the affected site writing down what happened to them pretending to be the guy that did it and then they can go to G and say, hey check out this forum, this is the guy that hit my site and here is the proof, please reconsider my site. And all along it was just them and their slightly spammy SEO that got them hit....hmmm
  15. Why can't he just send us a copy of the algo and how it works then :/