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  1. lsargent

    HowTO : DMCA

    The problem I had with this is when you file these complaints, i.e. submitting urls of blackhat forums or others that might be creating endless mirror links of your product download, is that the links you submit to Google for a DMCA takedown request end up showing in these Chilling Effects reports. So it almost defeats the purpose if people bother to review these. It does however take a couple months or so for these reports to actual populate and be visible when someone clicks on a report, but the process is a bit backward. I was pretty frustrated when I realized this was happening. Why would you publicly list url's people have submitted to be deindexed just to have Google tell everyone where to find you course/content/product for free?
  2. It was probably just a temporary knee jerk reaction to new links and activity on a stale site.
  3. Try putting the schema markup on there and then link to a page that has actual reviews with additional review ratings and microformat markup there as well. Google "meatloaf recipe" and take a look at the listings that have the rating stars, then start scrubbing through their page source code to try and draw some similarities. These recipe sites always have these stars show up in the serps and do really well at getting a lot of schema data to show up, i.e. cook time, calories, etc.
  4. Well let's put it this way, I only put one lens on an acct I actually care about that I'm trying to rank and profit from. I have considered your concern, and on some accts, I've had people just write informational articles (no more than 4 or 5), and just throw those in the acct with some Amazon modules. They are much thinner lenses that I spend no more time than it takes to plug in the content, add enough modules to be able to publish, and then I'm done with it. This should help reduce your footprint by having some "traditional looking" lenses present. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use transparent proxies to work behind when setting up and publishing/updating lenses. I had one of my customers get too aggressive with blasting links at lenses, across multiple accts, and they banned all his accts generated from his ip address.
  5. This has been my sentiment since day one. The exact reason why I only put up a single lens per acct I create. It's obviously not be the ideal scenario (or even feasible) for someone who is churning out bulk lens creation, but for my approach, it ensures I don't lose everything in one foul swoop.
  6. After the security update, I can't access my Inbox Messenger or unread Notifivcations. The icons will show I have unread messages. Buttons appear to be hyperlinked, but when you click on them, nothing happens.
  7. Because mini sites with no prior credibility are much harder to get ranked and are more susceptible to getting slapped by Google.
  8. Very cool to see your numbers are up, and a decent jump from last month if I recall. Have you chiseled out which lenses are drawing the profit to reinvest your revenue for more promotion on those specific lenses? If there is a benefit to mass producing lenses (as long as you can keep your overhead down in the process), is you can cast a wide net, and see what lenses will stick and start turning a profit with no backlink or promotion at all. Then you know you can throttle those up with probably little effort if they are ranking well already and see a stronger ROI. I think I'm going to get more involved with my analytics with lenses and start trying to set goals to track at minimum which incoming searches are generating clickouts on my affiliate links (which honestly I've neglected thus far). I'd love to be able to trace the actual sales produced from incoming phrases, but not sure how possible that is since you lose some control working on a platform you don't have full control over.
  9. lsargent

    Are Hostgator always this bad ?

    This is how I do it too. Phenominal tech support from Hostgator the few times I've needed it, and it was a never a downed server, just something I didn't know how to do, like setup a mySQL database for the first time for example (they walked me right through it), and I've always used GoDaddy for domains with FatWallet coupon codes for them.
  10. This is a really good point. To caveat this (especially when it comes to Clickbank products), they aren't likely to get TV exposure or some other outside form of press driving traffic online for the brand/product term. People are likely searching for the brand term after being introduced to the product by another affiliate. You could be running into several scenarios where maybe a customer clicked on another affiliate's link previously, and is coming back to check into the product again, or maybe the other affiliate cookie stuffed their page. Either way, if the searchers haven't cleared cookies, their tracking may be trumping yours, so there's a chance the product is converting, you're just not getting the credit. I've typically found targeting niche related terms involving a root problem or issue that the product will solve to be a better fit for Clickbank products.
  11. I find that sheer page count and existing traffic in general (even if it's not to the page outranking you), has hindered me from ranking new sites against authority aged domains.
  12. If you check the SSC Update I just sent out there's a special package for this from one of the providers on this forum that will do a light sprinkle drip as a conservative base. I had it customized for lenses, but you can use it just the same on a regular site.