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  1. I am trying to rank a website in the travel niche targeting local customers in a major Australian city. I don't want to give away too much but let's for argument sake say that I had a local walking tours company offering walking tours of Brisbane. My company has a physical location that is verified by Google in Google My Business. I have tried to find expired domain names etc. directly in the niches of walking tours or about Brisbane or Australia even without much luck. I have seen decent ones that Majestic judges as being in the topic of Recreation> Outdoors or Recreation>Travel but they might be about hiking or snowboarding or something for example and be based in the US rather than Aus. Would Google consider it niche specific enough to link such sites to the walking tours site as it comes under the Recreation>Travel topic area as judged by Majestic? I would of course make sure that any link to my site was surrounded by an article that somehow tied the 2 concepts together in a sensible way so it would pass a manual review or be acceptable to a visitor. I know that I am best to try to get links from local sites directly in my niche area but I am finding it hard and I will try to do this but I also want to build a few links under my own control. Any insight is always appreciated Thanks
  2. Thanks for suggesting including Blogger ... I'll make sure I do that. I am using the social media accounts to link back to my website. I also have a link in the footer of my main local business site (think of it as my money site... the one I want to rank) to the 6 social media accounts I have created so far on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc Is this a problem for SEO purposes that I am linking from my site I want to rank to the social media accounts and from the social media accounts to the site I want to rank (in other words reciprocal linking)? Is that good? Or should I not link from my site I want to rank to the SM as well?
  3. Hello I am a local business owner and I am setting up accounts on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. I am doing this A) because I think it is expected nowadays of any business and for local business citation purposes I plan to get a tool like Buzz Bundle software which allows you to post the same photo or content to all the sites you have setup in the software. I am just wondering however whether posting the same content to 6 different social media platforms is a bad thing for SEO purposes or whether all the posts at each social media platform should be unique? Does this matter? Just don't want to incur a duplicate content penalty that could flow back to my main business website. Thanks for the input
  4. Another odd thing I have noticed... one of my competitors simply lists their location as "Sydney, 2000" with no address and yet they have a Google My Business listing? How does that work?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. With the CBD option I can get my own suite number and can collect mail in person from the location. So I would be able to "claim" my Google My Business listing when they send the snail mail verification. Do you think this would help to make it "stick"? The service is offered by a company that says it has thousands of customers in their 50+ centres nationwide. Do you think the locations are well known to Google and already blacklisted as virtual offices? And can I have 2 locations? One in Newcastle and one in Sydney? This does make sense for my business however I've heard Google My Business doesn't like multiple locations?
  6. Hi everyone I am setting up a new local business targeting visitors from the Sydney area mostly. My business is a mobile business however. I have been looking at virtual business address solutions in Sydney to use on my website, the Google My Business listing etc. Virtual business addresses located in the Sydney CBD are extremely expensive however I can get one for a more reasonable price on the North Shore of Sydney located around 20km away from the CBD. If I took the address located 20km North outside of the CBD would that mean that my business would be shown less in the local search pack as i'm regarded as further away? Especially if the visitor is from South Sydney or West Sydney? And some of these virtual address services seem to offer you an address that doesn't have a unique suite number ie. you have the same floor address as other businesses (eg. Floor 33, Australia Square 256 Kent St Sydney) or something like that. Is that a problem for Google My Business and for local rankings? Should I be getting something that has a unique suite number just for me (eg. 15/33 Australia Square 256 Kent St Sydney)? My main competitor is located just to the east of the CBD about 3.5km east so I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by not getting a CBD address right from the start. Thanks for the input on these 2 issues. Hope someone can help Cheers
  7. Thanks. That explains things a little better
  8. Hi there I have an offline local business in Australia that I am ranking in the top 3 for my keywords consistently. Up until recently my face would show next to the search results however now I notice that it doesn't anymore and I haven't done anything or made changes to my Google profile that I know of. I have created the Google plus page, linked it to my website and as far as I know I think my website images are shared in Google plus? Have Google changed the requirements for the face showing? Is there something further I should do?
  9. SEO-Queen

    Domain Purchasing threat

    Sites that are up and running sounds like a good idea actually. Do you use Digitalpoint forums to find those or Flippa?
  10. Another reason I am scared when it comes to list building is I have heard that only 50% of people open your first email, then only 30% open the 2nd email and it drops off from there. Is that a typical experience? If so how to people manage to make sales from their list?
  11. Thanks for the input. I really wondered what I was doing wrong there. So I guess the lesson is.... target low hanging fruit keywords in the weight loss niche>offer them a free ebook with useful info to get them to opt in to your list> then send review emails for multiple products sprinkled in amongst informative info about weight loss. Is this how most people with successful lists build them? I had read a post on Warrior Forum saying "search traffic was junk traffic" but have others had success with conversions by taking the approach above to list building?
  12. A relatively famous internet marketer in the last few days sent out an email saying that what he had learned after attended the Clickbank summit is that the way to make money without Google is to forget SEO and just create a high quality product and focus on conversions and then lots of affiliates will want to promote the product and it will have a snowball effect..... Now I've read lots of emails like this where it all sounds so simple and easy and I'm sure what he has said is true but I imagine that in reality unless you have deep pockets to do mass media buys like Mike Geary to build up your brand and name then no real affiliates with decent lists in the fitness/weight loss industry are going to promote you. I imagine that the top listed websites on Google in these niches get an Inbox full of requests from "nobodys" to promote their products to their list and even offer 100% commission. I'm sure some of these are quite good products but unless you are "in the know" with the right people, have built brand recognition with your name and attend expensive CLickbank summits where you can talk to people and hope they like you then none of this JV partnering is possible??? Maybe I have it oversimplified but I was interested to get the opinions of others who perhaps have tried to encourage list owners or top website owners in non-IM niches to promote ebook products via Clickbank? What do you think? And how would a complete beginner go about getting decent JV partners? I know I need to show evidence of a good conversion rate to try to interest people but how would a beginner do this? Spend a fortune on PPC, media buys, solo ads (and hope the list is decent?)?????
  13. Well I don't want to give too much away as far as the niche goes and details except to say that I am looking at some products that have 2500 exact US searches (approx 5000 or more exact global searches) per keyword for the product name and SEO competition as far as backlinks that I am confident that I could beat. I am just concerned as far as the conversions go. The reason I ask is a couple of years back I was steadily ranked as Number 2 and even for a short time as Number 1 for the product Fat Loss 4 Idiots back when it was getting numbers like that and I was making around 1 maybe 2 sales a month. The site has tanked since Penguin but I hadn't done any maintenance on it for years so I wasn't suprised. I read a thread where Terry Kyle even stated that he couldn't make sales with this exact same product. I would have thought that a weight loss product with a gravity of over 100 (it was the top selling weight loss product back then so its gravity then was well into the 200s or maybe even 300s) would have performed alot better. The review was not poorly written either and it had plenty of images and testimonials for the product etc. Have others found it is pretty much the same story with Clickbank products and weight loss products and the internet at large has perhaps "wised up" that these types of products are usually not good value?
  14. Hi everyone It's an a bit of an old school approach I suppose but I am wondering whether building niche review sites to review Clickbank products then ranking them with SEO for the product name is still a profitable approach? I don't expect to make a killing... i'd be happy with only $100 a month per site but I'm wondering whether even this is too much to expect? To rank these sites with SEO it would obviously cost more than $100 per site initially. Some of the Clickbank product names don't seem to have all that much SEO competition and the review sites seem to be ones that haven't had alot of time spent on them. I'm wondering if that is because this approach isn't really profitable and these products just don't convert well enough to bother or whether this is perhaps a result of Google's recent SEO shakeups and people probably have been holding off on their SEO? Has anyone had any experience with this or have any advice to offer?
  15. I just got my report back from Joe. Got into Google news and at least a hundred other places that were listed in my report including Boston Globe, ABC7, Star Tribune, Miami Herald. As mentioned before the press release was very well written and looks great now that it is published. I'd certainly order again for sure!