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  1. Maybe the poster is trying to increase his post count, but it does not matter if the post is useful. And I think his post is answering the question of OP, so it is useful even though he might have not used complete sentences but it does not decrease the usefulness of the post as he has given the OP some ideas on getting free content.
  2. You can go for public domain content or PLR articles and reports. If you are going after public domain stuff or PLR reports, then download them and break them down into short articles etc.
  3. We have not heard back from you after you started this thread and got everyone interested. I would like to know what niches did you enjoy success in and roughly how many pages each book consisted of? I had published a couple of books on Kindle in the health niche. Got a few sales by getting traffic to it through Yahoo Answers, but unfortunately my Yahoo answers were deleted and so the traffic died down, so did the sales. After that, I have completely forgotten about it. But now reading your thread, I would consider going for the 2 day free promo thing. I would also like to launch a service for people who wish to publish on kindle, with the service including things like ebook writing, ecover design etc. Do you think lot of people would be interested in this offer?
  4. Congrats on the quick ranking. The important thing is whether the rankings stick or not. How much traffic are you getting to this site now?
  5. Here are some keyword tools you can use to get lots of keyword ideas for your niche website/websites. Google Adwords Keywords tool is not the only option available. Below is a list of some free keyword tools you can try out. I am not associated with any of them. Just sharing them so that some people here might find this useful: https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com http://www.goodkeywords.com/good-keywords http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/search.html http://keywordmixer.com (this is not keyword research tool, but is helpful for sorting your keyword lists) https://serpiq.com/ (not free but has a 7 day free trial) http://www.wordstream.com/keywords (this is an awesome tool to get hundreds of long tail keywords related to your niche) Would appreciate if others can share more keywords tools if you know of any.
  6. Article spinning service

    If you want to find someone who is providing cheap service then check out various forums and look for user reviews and feedback in the thread to give you idea about the quality of the work done by the person. Some of the forums you can search for are: TrafficPlanet (of course), Warrior Forum, Wickedfire etc. You can also search on Fiverr to find some good, cheap workers. There also, the customer reviews will give you an idea about the quality of the work done by the seller. If you want to do it yourself, then you can use a free software called spinchimp. Just Google it to download it. They have a free version. Another thing you can try out is article mixing instead of spinning. It is a cool method too, which I have briefly shared in a thread here. Have a look - http://trafficplanet.com/topic/7079-article-mixing-instead-of-spinning-better-way-to-use-plr-articles-for-link-building/
  7. Article Mixing Vs Article Spinning: Many people hate article spinning. Manual article spinning is very tedious process and takes a long amount of time. Whereas automated spinning produces garbage content most of the time. It would be highly difficult to use kind of content for your first tier links. I would like to introduce an alternative solution. It is a process called article mixing. The process is as follows: You compile few tips for an article. Or else you can compile or write short paragraphs with each paragraph talking about something different. Now, you have one article which can be turned into dozens of variations simply by re-arranging the paragraphs of the original article into different positions. For example - Para 1 of OA (original article) can become Para 3 of Article2 and it can become Para 4 of Article3 and so on... While the article content remains same, by simply re-arranging the paragraphs, you can at least make the article variations somewhat different from each other, which can be better for search results than submitting the same article to dozens of sites. A Free Tool To Automate This Process: You might feel that this process is a bit difficult and time-consuming to do it manually. So, I have created a script to automate this whole process. It would take just a few seconds to create dozens of variations out of the original article using this tool. I share it with you free of cost. I had shared this tool on another forum and got good response and reviews from people. So, why don't you give it a try as well. I call this tool Article Mixer. What it does is that when you supply it with an article, it will create 5 different articles from the original one by shuffling the order of sentences and paragraphs. There is no spinning involved here. Just re-arranging the order of sentences in the article. This is good if you want to generate multiple articles from your PLR articles or if you want the PLR article you purchased from somewhere to be different than others without spending time to spin it. The online tool can be found at - Article Mixer Sample Demo: In order to check out how the software works, check out a sample article below and the variation generated by this tool. Sample Original Article: Variation 1 of the Original Article: Of course, you would need to make some minor modifications in the output article so that the article makes sense, but it is a real time saver. Get The Most of Your PLR Articles By Making Them Different: This tool is good for turning your PLR articles into unique ones by the simple method of mixing and re-arranging the content. Since hundreds of people would be using the same PLR articles, you can stand out from the rest by using this technique. You might have tons of PLR articles lying around. Instead of submitting them as it is to build links, using this method you will hopefully have better ranking results. It is free to use and it returns 5 variations of the original article in just a few seconds. All the best in using this tool and don't forget to let me know what you think of this and share your feedback with others! Here is the link again to the free script - Article Mixer
  8. Do Web 2.0 still Work?

    For the benefit of all community members, can you let us know the web 2.0 properties you used which led to your sites losing rankings. This would help us avoid such sites which are bad in the eyes of Google.
  9. Looks interesting. I intend to try this one out
  10. In order to get cheaper links for dilution, you can order some fiverr gigs but avoid those which give you mass links using Xrumer etc.
  11. The guy in the video is also talking about getting high PR links from a few PR 3 sites. I think that is one of the important tricks besides the onpage optimization stuff.
  12. Do you always talk like this? Even at home??? The garden hose example didn't sink in. Maybe I am not as smart as you are. I give up trying to understand your statements.
  13. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it, got some new ideas. I have bookmarked that page and commented there as well.Thanks for sharing this article with us.
  14. I love Akismet too. Though it may filter out some genuine comments but what is the other alternative? You say captcha, but there are tons of mass commenting softwares out there on internet which have automated captcha solving abilities - tools like Scrapebox when used with DeathByCaptcha or CaptchaSniper etc which can easily overcome these captchas and leave spam comments on the blog.
  15. Anybody able to make sense of this post?