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  1. Thanks for the generous offer, KevinA. I completed the form. FYI, I have purchased these once before and they are very useful!
  2. My SEO Website Traffic Is Up!

    Some CPanels have Piwik as a 1-click install from SimpleScripts. Check if your host has that option.
  3. I haven't looked, but I suspect that I'd see the exact same thing you do. Now, what does that tell you?
  4. All that you need to do is look at his offpage (you already looked at his onpage).
  5. Do you have more sites than just your original 8? A (very) small portion of my portfolio took a hit but I saw massive gains across the board. There are sites that I would prefer be at the top but no longer are, but I have other sites that are now making me more money than prior to the update. If it were me I would build up my backup domain but also try building some high quality links to the ones that dropped. It may not work in the end but you've basically got nothing else to lose at this point.
  6. #1 and #2 don't hold true in the niches that I'm in. I'm seeing aged domains and subdomains ranking out of nowhere to the top 10. Also, I seesome sites with 10+, 20+ pages of content drop more than sites with 1-5 pages. Definitely not consistent in the niches that I'm looking at. With #3 I've had multiple anchors for the longest time (since 4-5 months ago) and I have some that went up and some that went down. EDIT: Also my KW density on all my sites is below 1%, so that can't be it either.
  7. OP how are you optimizing for MS' ad network data? And where is that data coming from? I use SEMRush, but can only see phrase and related keywords from Bing and no ad network information.
  8. Lost one keyword but it looks like most of mine are intact. Sadly it does hurt though.
  9. I have an authority site that gets more traffic from Yahoo/Bing, and oddly enough, Comcast search, Verizon, and MyWebSearch. Basically everything BUT Google.
  10. Check out the Adsense Flippers site. They are guys that flip sites on Flippa for a living so they might be able to help you.
  11. Live Webinar on Negative SEO

    Best thing to do is put him on ignore within your forum settings.
  12. Treat a Tier 1 as your money site. Take your time, make it a quality site. Two advantages: 1. You're in control of what links to your money site. 2. You can monetize your Tier 1 as well. I think it's the way to go. Free blogs just helps with the hosting costs.
  13. Only their business model doesn't rely on backlinking at all. They built a brand, and that's all they need now. They can basically sell ice to Eskimos, and the people on Flippa eat up their websites like candy. Why spend time and money worrying about backlinking a MNS when you can just dump the problem on its new owner?