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  1. I was searching for a good press release service and I have found it here. They have great support and And I am very pleased with what I got. Thank you and I will be reordering.
  2. Joe, here is my transaction ID last 4 digits: 2247 I prefer to vet the final content before it goes live.
  3. That’s a good point, I asked Joe not to do Article marketing robot blast on my site, other than that I think I can handle the web 2.0 links if it’s just 30 links but make sure you use general links i.e. URL links Etc. I don’t recommend you use keywords in these links.
  4. Obviously Google depends on links, they target blog networks especially the public ones and that’s a sufficient proof for me that backlinks will remain a big part in the big G algorithm, thanks Terry for the video.
  5. Guys I read this thread carefully and I think that the OP (and me) didn’t get a straight answer so I’ll ask another question, say you have 15 PBN sites, and you have 3 money sites on the same niche but on different hosting, will you link to the 3 money sites from your network (every site on the PBN with the same outgoing links)? People here recommend using only one link per PBN site so that the outgoing link profile will be different so you’ll not raise any flags i.e. you are building a PBN to link to just one money site??? And every money site will need its own new PBN??? That’s crazy! Why bother in building a PBN? Wouldn’t it be better to use a service and buy the same links, pay less money and save yourself the headache of dealing with 15 PBN sites? Managing the registration and hosting Etc. it just doesn’t make sense but on the flip side if you are using your 15 PBN sites to link to your 3 money sites then it’s worth it but wouldn’t it be dangerous? Anyone here care to share his knowledge on this?
  6. Richard, do you use spun content on your tier 1 links (pointing to your money site)?
  7. Richard, do you use automation when creating these links or you create them manually, my guess is you need automation here so what are your main tools? I’m sure you mentioned them in the past but still I think it’s relevant to the discussion here, thanks
  8. TOP 5 Free And Paid And Email Responders

    Nice post, for me there are only two Email Responders, 1. GetResponse 2. Aweber I prefer GetResponse, cheaper and give you the same results
  9. DMOZ submission?

    DMOZ cost you nothing, so why not submit your website to it, if you get accepted that’s great if not that’s ok either, you have nothing to lose just make sure you read their guidelines before you submit your website, you can find it here: http://www.dmoz.org/guidelines/
  10. URL Shorter and Ranking

    I believe that this is the thread you are looking for. http://trafficplanet.com/index.php?/topic/7859-how-to-rank-top-ten-for-anything/ As for the “experience†with the 301 Redirection technique, my experiment is still in progress and I think I should see results soon enough.