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  1. Regarding the title length, how do you know this?
  2. Yep that one oage could answer a lot of people's questions, I get asked "what is onpage SEO" or "what is the right way to do onpage SEO" all the time. One thing that don't understand is this tho, it says Haas Automation still still ranks well.........for Milling even tho it's cutoff after blah blah blah When you can see in their screen shot it was some form of "CNC Machining" used as the search term. The reason I point this out is others have told me over an over that words are seen by search engines well past that cutoff or that yu don;t even need your search term in title tag or meta description. I've asked for proof of both and have seen nothing conclusive. My advice would be to place your KWs within that 55 to 60 (I prefer 55 to 58) character frame and in the meta description.
  3. Just Wondering What Happened Here

    All valid points and kind of what I suspected, with Google slapping the SEO world around it's definitely harder now. But that's actually a good thing for us, if we succeed it adds legitimacy to what we do. I went to work for an agency and gave up many of my own clients so my needs have been fewer as well. Glad that it's not necessarily another forum pulling traffic away, I've always preferred this one over all the others.
  4. Don't mistake ad copy (short) for long copy's SEO value. More content is supposed to be better for SEO purposes, but short copy sells better.
  5. Haven't read it yet but I willing to bet shorter ad copy has a better conversion rate, but then again I come from the Don't Make Me Think (Steve Krug and not an affiliate link) marketing mentality. From a purely SEO view while my results are only anecdotal I seen shorter content copy rank (and help site rank) as well as long copy. Now off to read your link :-)
  6. True to an extent, depends on KWs used. I still see a lot of traffic coming in from organic listings. However I once had a Chevrolet Dealer in Long Beach, CA that I had ranking in the local listings all the way up to Hollywood for Los Angeles Chevrolet Dealer. Then the company I work for got acquired by another company, he had an unpleasant previous experience with them and canceled. Changed platforms the whole thing. Now he's no longer in Los Angeles's local listings.
  7. Just wondering what happened here? I began working for an agency almost 3 years ago and haven't had much time to spend here. But before my on again of again visits began this place was pumping with activity every day. Where did everyone go?
  8. Everything I just read indicates you essentially need 2 versions of the site which I thought responsive was supposed to eliminate need for. I would hope this primarily applies to sites that are not already mobile friendly (responsive) otherwise it’s another thing that Google has changed their mind on in turn screwing not only us but a whole lot of other businesses. Wouldn’t be the 1st time they’ve done this.
  9. You got me man I have no idea what their plan is, I'm sure they like it that way. Anyway for my prediction of organic results being "as important as it once was". That's quickly been shot down. Literally the whole (desktop) page is PPC, Map and local listings as seen in the attached image.
  10. I do a lot of SEO for automotive dealers and their ads have almost disappeared (for now), this is important because they are very active in PPC. What I see here is the CPC going up and organic results becoming as important as it once was. That is until they decide to screw us again.
  11. Hey All, I'll be attending SMX east coming here at the end of the month ans was wondering if anyone else is going? Maybe we could meet up for lunch or even just to say nice to meet you and a hand shake. Although I've been in this field for a long time I've never been to an SEO Expo before and everything I've seen from other SMX expo's have been kind of laughable but I do see a couple of things that may provide some nice insights. The company I work for wants to fly me out from Southern California to the east coast, I'm cool with that.
  12. I have family of 18 Brick and Mortar casinos located in different states that I need linking for. These are real casinos with hotel, restaurants, buffets. You know the real thing, not online gambling sites. Will these fit your network?
  13. Warning: Avoid Sani Marketing

    Anybody that advertises on Warrior or uses Warrior kudos in their list are dead in my book.
  14. Death Of Judge Dredd

    Conversation between my content manger and a freelance writer we use in England. We're in Southern California (USA) Content Manager = CM Freelance Writer = FW FW; yeah my father is the artist that first created Judge Dredd CM; Oh yeah! What's his name? FW: John Cooper - look him up CM: (Google's John Cooper 2000AD see's that he died today) CM: Oh so your father died today? I'm sorry FW: What the f*cK? CM: What you didn't know? FW: ***** I gotta call my sister (click) Sorry I couldn't help but laugh.