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  1. Let me know if you have any questions I'm just trying to accelerate things as quickly as possible. Most of my time is taken up answering emails to the point I spend all day doing it sometimes. This is becoming a serious problem. The drawbacks of working so much though are you lose balance of other things in life and eventually your body gives up, like this week I'm sick as a dog and just doing the bare minimum to keep things ticking over. But because I've put that time in, traffic and earnings have increased during my time off rather than go down Thanks for your custom My upcoming live case study over my shoulder will change that To be honest once you understand the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle, you don't need to speak to anyone. All your doing is finding out what people want and giving it to them. The only thing that ever changes is the vehicles you use to do that. I work in the payday loans niche - its unlikely anyone is ever going to come forward with those strategys. In essence it is just high pr blog spamming on a huge scale with constant investment in churn and burn. Negative SEO is a standard practice in that niche so even if you did attack it in the right way - its pointless. But the guys that truly dominate this niche have armys of hacked sites they can deploy links on at their fingertips using scripts like c99madshell and so forth which means they can generate sites and complete the entire link campaign in less than 30 minutes. I'm not willing to cross those lines and pick off some of the lesser competitive keywords, but if you want the big money payday loan keywords - thats what you've got to be willing to do. If you step into even dirtier niches like gambling, when then your up against companies with dedicated negative SEO departments and move into things like blackhat PPC which in essence is just a bunch of linux scripts running 24/7 redeeming free ad coupons & setting up campaigns for adwords, bing etc etc Actually talking about all of that reminded me of this- http://www.acornseo.com/hacking-joomla-to-rank-for-payday-loans-in-4-weeks http://www.seoconsult.com/seoblog/pay-day-loan-rankings-the-shady-tale-of-joomla-hacks-and-drupal-leaks.html Haha love that mindset Drop me a mail ^^ Hahaha see above ^^ Thanks for the kind words. I am trying to do something different than everyone else which is why it has been succesful. There is no doubt in my mind I could have packaged each and every tutorial up for $47 a pop and made a ***** ton more money - but then I wouldn't have a top 100 blog so =\ In terms of your question I wouldn't fake who you are but you can change your tone of voice to suit your audience. I don't write like I do on my blog on any other site, but I know the IM niche well and feel like I can express myself freely there. I would recommend you stick to some general rules though like keeping paragraphs to 2-3 sentences max. Keep things short and sweet, to the point - no filler bullshit. Regardless of the niche one thing the entire human race has in common is a lack of time and your content is competing for that time, so don't waste it That - is ***** brilliant! lol I bet he plays the virtual toy boy role and they all give him virtual cheek pinchs ^^ Thanks very much Thanks Ti! Send me an email with your meat - lets see what you've done
  2. Looking forward to it! Drop me a mail anyway
  3. Yeah I would love to hear about this and the possibility of recycling content into the format!
  4. Yeah I would go with that route but don't go crazy with it
  5. While I'm not going to reveal my authority sites I would like to share with you what I consider to be some of the best affiliates sites/campaigns I have ever come across. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ http://www.comparethemarket.com/ http://www.hotukdeals.com/ The main problem with affiliates, is they aren't trying to build a long term sustainable business. They are trying to make money as quickly as possible or are heavily focused on rankings/seo/keywords/link building. One of my affiliate sites has been featured in national media and press using actual PR & marketing rather than submitting press releases for links. Guess how much of a ***** I give about Google Rankings for that site, about the same amount as the 3 sites I listed above. Most people just can't seem to see the woods for the trees and have forgotten all about the marketing element of internet marketing. I should also highlight unlike most 'gurus/mmo' guys I had a highly successful career in corporate ecommerce & online marketing leading huge campaigns for international brands. Also I release all of my 'secrets' for free - eg http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tutorials/how-i-built-a-top-100-blog-in-12-months/ which can be applied to any niche and hopefully understandable to anyone without prior marketing/sales experience. $13k/mo food blog - http://pinchofyum.com/august-traffic-and-income-report - they made nearly $2k with cauliflower sauce recipes. $13k/mo travel blog - http://acoupletravelers.com/couple-travelers-numbers-august13-income/ I've met dave/vicky in 2 countrys the past few months - top bananas and a fantastic journey seeing as they have been travelling non stop for 14 months now from the east side of Asia through to the UK. $7k/mo freelance writer - http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/monthly-income-report-august-2013/ $5k/mo HTML 5 games developer - http://www.truevalhalla.com/blog/online-income-report-016-august-2013/ You get the idea And HotUKdeals above - they easily clear $30,000-$50,000 per day based on the number of sales just 1 deal hitting the front page drives for me.
  6. Best current serp checker?

    It also ran by one of the biggest pharma spammers in the industry. Won't be sharing my data with them
  7. Got this covered http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/experiments/ahrefs-majestic-seo-1-million-domain-showdown/
  8. Now that is how content should be produced! If you ever want to do a guest post of this standard... ^^
  9. Nice share not seen that before! Don't have any data on my page though, which probably means I suck ^^
  10. Would have totally loved to steal that post for my blog
  11. What is working in 2013 is what has always worked- Use unique content Diversify anchor text If a website is good enough to be in Googles index, its good enough to link to my site
  12. Also I have a quite simple approach to gauging the quality of links. If its good enough to be in Googles index. Its good enough to link to my site. Google tell us what low quality is by deindexing it.
  13. Finding The Blog Network

    If it was that easy to reverse engineer it wouldn't be a succesful link network right I would perhaps grease the palms of people whose sites are getting links from the network with a referral fee