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  1. I still do something very similar to the OP with Scrapebox. Plug in the keywords, "append A-Z" and go 2 levels deep. Usually end up with 50,000+ KWs.
  2. GWT usually gets the job done. I've had instances where some sites / pages would simply refuse to index for one reason or another. So I know that it can be frustrating.
  3. In other news, they sky is blue and water is wet.
  4. Great to see quality posts like this shared for free. Definitely a great way to promote yourself and far more informative than most overhyped IM products.
  5. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that backlinks don't do much (if anything?) when it comes to ranking in YT itself. However, in Google, it's obviously a different story.
  6. Alright. I'll have to check this out. It looks pretty awesome and I have no idea why I've never heard of it. While I seriously enjoy reverse-engineering my competition, or sites that rank for super-competitive keywords, I'd like to make it harder for others to do the same to mine.
  7. Yeah, the community is a little "interesting" to say the least. But a lot of those guys (and gals?) seem to really know what they're doing. So it's worth the occasional read.
  8. Wickedfire is a daily read for me. There's always something great hidden there. But you better have your big boy pants on should you ever choose to post a question.
  9. I wouldn't say that this is 100% true. There are plenty of sites that would disprove this theory. That said, churn and burn, rank and tank, whatever you want to call it, is becoming increasingly appealing. It's mostly the little guys who get screwed long term. So why not just churn and burn a bunch of sites and stop worrying so much? It's like Google is leading a lot of "white" (grey) hatters down that road.
  10. Pretty interesting stuff. I was especially surprised when I came across one of your posts @ the WF a little over a week ago and saw that you were banned. The amount of free information and advice that you provide there & elsewhere is amazing. And the fact that you were banned for doing just that is pretty sad, really.
  11. This thread looks awfully familiar. Wait...that's because I read it a few weeks ago over @ BHW. That said, it's a very interesting theory.
  12. Nice video. I've always tried to ensure that my titles were compelling. You're still at a big disadvantage if you're ranked # 1 with a lousy title. Why? Because, a lot of the time, #1 isn't what it used to be anyway. You're not just competing with organic results - you're also competing with paid results that are plastered everywhere.
  13. Killer SEO, IMO. I've seen companies do this all the time.
  14. Always love your stuff. I'll be giving this a watch during lunch today.
  15. JSP

    What Is Your Biggest Mistake in IM

    Thinking and not doing. Hell, I still struggle with it. I'm fairly ADD and love to try new things, formulate ideas & strategies, etc. So I'm constantly reminding myself to stay focused on my current tasks. But I've gotten a LOT better. I think it's a problem that almost everyone has though.