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  1. infocraze

    Will too many 301 redirections hurt SEO?

    Why create multiple pages for closely related topics on the same website?
  2. How long are your articles and how deep do you want them spintaxed?
  3. infocraze

    Buffer Sites

    Nothing beats having your own private network, but when you are on a budget then free buffers tend to do the job. Spread your risks though as free properties are easy to lose.
  4. Looks good, quite useful actually for those without scrapebox
  5. infocraze

    Max number of outbound links on PBN's

    Between 25 and 35 is normally good, though its important to vary this number with each site.
  6. infocraze

    Help With A PayPal Claim Against Me

    Click on provide tracking information, they would provide you with an option to select services where no tracking can be provided. Thereafter, give them a quick call, seek to be transfered to disputes department, tell them you cannot provide tracking information because you sold a service! You should win the case within 5 mins.
  7. She could be facing problems that may be hindering her from making regular posts, however her strategy is good enough to allow anyone to run their own personal tests. It is good to follow case studies and be excited, but quite often, that is all you end up doing without taking action.
  8. infocraze

    Godaddy Auction

    Yeah too many fake PR domains out there, some people can go to a great extent to scam others, weird world.
  9. Good stuff there worth trying, a very simple and straightforward opt-in page together with a nice one page landing page for subscribers.
  10. Congrats Terry for the 10,000 mark, may you have many more. Congrats to Richard too, he is the reason this forum is alive and kicking! He is not just here to moderate but his level of input is commendable too. I am glad to be a part of the TP community!
  11. infocraze

    Is Reciprocal Link Exchange Dead??

    Best to save yourself time and hassle by just focusing on one way links.
  12. Lots of time wasters and jokers on BHW and WF, the warrior forum is mostly about selling WSOs to newbies at any cost though you can still find some useful information from a select group. BHW seems to be good at sharing WSOs and other people's products for free. Those sharing getting good reputation for doing so and hence increasing their integrity within the forum. I guess apart from SEO, we can now see blackhat and whitehat internet marketing in itself. Blackhat marketers looking for shortcuts to make their riches off newbies, white hat marketers playing good guys expecting some social share
  13. I would use these expensive links for your main keywords and their respective LSI. For link dilution, use any other contextual link types from different web2.0 platforms. If you buy 20 private network blog posts with your main keywords for example, go for another 60 to 80 contextual links from cheaper sources.
  14. GSA supports many different platforms, not just web2.0s, so it is best used for second tier onwards. If you are looking for top quality web2.0s, you may either do it manually or use third party services that offer network management such as rankwyz and fcs.