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  1. Few Observations

    Number 2 and number 6 are ig ones I have noticed happening; 2. New sites appear to start in what we used to call the sandbox. So churning and burning with a "new" domain is probably not a great idea. Go get an aged domain and use that. I have been doing a case study on a newly registered domain and saw the site jump up the rankings from 200+ to 40th, when it hit it's 6 month birthday... 6. Lots of guys are trying to hide links via spyder spanker or an edit to robots.txt but the backlink trackers are just making new bots to trace links which is also chewing up bandwidth. This is a real pain and they seem to be doing it more frequently, keeping up with the bot names is a real hassle. I am considering looking for an alternative method...perhaps blocking IP ranges?
  2. Mining For Expired Domain Names

    Thanks Cesar, glad you liked the video!
  3. Hey Steven PM Sent - Don't post the domains here or you will struggle to sell them. Send them via PM only mate
  4. Best SEO Hosting?

    Agree with Richard, go with cheap shared hosting with a different host for each site - less footprint and more longevity.
  5. Don't post these on the forum - there is no way I would buy these now they have been shown to the world. Ask people to PM you and send them a list individually.
  6. Indeed times are changing, perhaps I should revisit the article and rename to under $5 as that seems to be the going rate nowadays, (£1 per 100 words) for native content writers. I have seen a definite shift in the prices being charged since the turn of the year, especially after oDesk and Elance announced their merger. I feel eLance offers better quality and therefore high process, but you do get what you pay for. For web 2.0's I would say the $3 /article route is still viable, however for top tier 1's and PBN's I will only go for the $1 per 100 words minimum, and yes you can get some great writers for that price. Interestingly it seems that oDesk are 'testing' a few things, such as having a minimum hourly rate that you can offer. So for a VA asking for $2 /hour, you can only offer a minimum of $4 /hour. This is not rolled out but I know someone with an account they are testing this on and it's crazy! Perhaps trying to bring themselves in line with eLance?
  7. Is Moz updating DA and PA

    They do this all of the time. Next update is scheduled for 8th April
  8. Wordpress posting

    Do you not think this would leave a footprint? With 100 domains, you have obviously invested quite a lot of time and money into the network. I find it sits better in my mind to have a VA do those tasks for me on a daily basis.
  9. You don't mention your content? Ranking for more Long Tail keywords can be had by simply increasing the volume of content on the site. For targeting specific long tails, the overall word count on page has proved (on my personal sites) to increase my SERP position. Also as mentioned above, a few carefully chosen authority and relevant links can work wonders. Aim for lower volume but higher quality links. Guest posts still work for traffic too, so even if they weren't to increase your ranking...it all comes down to traffic at the end of the day. Reach out to some of the more popular sites, you may be surprised what opportunities arise. - Lewis
  10. Is this consider a good stats for FB ads?

    So paying an average of $0.09 per page like? I would say thats good although you have a small test base. It also depends on your niche, product offering and avg customer value. I have seen campaigns gaining likes for as little as $0.03 (i'm sure some experts can get it even lower). If you compare the average value per customer to your acquistition cost, you will know immediately if the campaign will work longer term and produce a positive ROI. - Lewis
  11. I think this sums it up well. Basically do whatever you believe is right or what you are comfrtable with doing. There is risk involved in almost every step and constantly secong guessing what Google may or may not do will get you nowhere fast. If it's a personal network, the risks are very low IMO of deindexing. There are plenty of bigger more vocal fish out there (selling links). Those for me have a higher possibility of being deindexed. Like Kammy says, try and make the most out of your network now rather than wondering what could happen. SEO can change in an instant. - Lewis
  12. Blocking SEO Bots?

    Some have reported issues with Majestic and blocking with robots. Try a combination of robots.txt and .htaccess blocking for majestic. Also look for a larger list of bots to block, there is more out there and the big guys (Majestic, Ahrefs and OSE) have more than one bot name - Lewis
  13. As Richard says, for a small number if sites I wouldn't worry but when you start to grow then its just as easy to reg them with different registrars. Make sure you document everything as it can get messy! I do actually suggest that using fake reg details is fine and I've faced no problem thus far on any if my PBN sites
  14. Hi Matt, can't seem to PM you bud, please can you PM me the list? Lewis
  15. Private network setup

    You could try Jon Haver over at Authority Website Income. He has a done for you private blog network package. Other than that you could just train a VA, which requires initial time investment but pays off in the longer term. Just a thought.